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Working Part-Time in UK as an Immigrant

Working Part-Time in UK as an Immigrant

Are you an immigrant who wants to work part-time in the UK? Are you a student from overseas who wants to have a job in the UK? The opportunities are huge even for persons who cannot work full-time but are in search of a job. If you want to know more details about the needed visas for UK, you are invited to ask for complete information from our immigration solicitors in London who can also help you with guidelines when relocating to the country.

The benefits of having a part-time job in the UK

There are many immigrants in the UK who want to study and work at the same time, or there are individuals who want to work only a few hours per day, summing up 35 hours or more per week, depending pretty much on the signed work contract; our London immigration lawyer can tell you more. Even if it is a matter of part-time work, a person can have numerous advantages such as:

  • pension funds;
  • bonuses;
  • health insurance;
  • training sessions;
  • holiday breaks;
  • promotions.

We remind that the extra working hours are paid in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the contract. If you have decided to study in London, for instance, and to apply for a job, it is best to ask for details about the available student visas, which is why we recommend help from our UK immigration lawyer.

Where to find part-time jobs in the UK

Foreign students in the UK are interested in working in the spare time for extra finances. Most colleges have a notice board where the job offers in different sectors are posted. It is good to know that the big retailers in the country are always looking for students in search of a part-time job, due to numerous benefits as an employer. People who want to immigrate to the UK have the possibility of applying with a complete and correct resume on the online recruitment agencies’ websites. Even better, the big companies interact quite much on the social media platforms where they display the job opportunities. If you have moved to the UK and you are searching for a part-time job as a skilled migrant you can also search on the websites of the companies you are interested in. Most enterprises answer all requests, no matter if your CV is attractive or not. We remind that there are numerous online platforms used by big companies which can be a good starting point for immigrants in the UK, if a proper CV is prepared and uploaded. Support can be offered by our London immigration lawyer.

We invite you to get in touch with our team of immigration solicitors in London for details about visas to enter the UK and about how to suitably relocate to the country. Solicit the support of our UK immigration lawyer.