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Who Needs Leave to Enter UK

Who Needs Leave to Enter UK

The term “leave to enter” refers to a document needed by someone who is granted permission by the British immigration officers to enter the United Kingdom. But who needs leave to enter the UK? According to UK Border Agency and the immigration solicitors in London, everyone who is not a British citizen has the right to enter or remain in the country only by the provisions of 2006 EEA regulations. Thus, the commonwealth citizens require to leave to enter the UK. Our specialists can tell you more about these aspects and about how to obtain UK residence card or British citizenship.

Conditions for obtaining leave to enter UK

The citizens who need leave to enter the UK space will be granted this opportunity only for a limited period and they are subject to a few conditions, as our London immigration lawyer mentioned:

  •  the person and his/her dependents are required to maintain and accommodate themselves without any recourse to the public funds,
  •  the expatriate has a restriction on occupation or employment in the UK,
  •  he or she must register with the police.

Leave to enter for students

Every leave will be different for each individual because it totally depends on the circumstances, also the document will be provided in person to the applicant. Our UK immigration lawyer specified that, basically, if you have been granted the leave, you should know that the final decision of entry is only made by the immigration officers. Also, the leave to enter the UK will be requested at all of the points of entry, even if that point is through the Channel Tunnel.

Besides the situations mentioned earlier, leave to enter the United Kingdom can be granted to students as well. Basically, these rules can apply to those who want to study in the UK. If the student is under the age of 18, he or she will be granted leave for a maximum period of six months and, if the person is at least eighteen years of age, will be granted leave to enter the United Kingdom for up to 11 months, but only for English language study. Still, here are some details regarding the situation:

  1.  the study of the English language means that the course has to be entirely about this. It must not be a course that includes studying other subjects,
  2.  there are schools and institutions which are maintained by the state and they provide free education, while it is funded primarily by the public funds.

Our London immigration lawyer can help you obtain a residence permit in UK or British citizenship.

Requirements for students

Regarding students who want to enter the UK and obtain the leave to enter, there are some requirements that need to be taken into consideration, explained by our UK immigration lawyer:

  1.  the future student must not intend to study at an institution or school which is maintained by the state,
  2.  as a short-term student, he/she must not intend to study for extended periods,
  3.  the student does not intend to get employed (either paid or unpaid),
  4.  the person must not engage in any professional activities or in a business, within the UK,
  5.  the future student must have funds for his or her return from the United Kingdom,
  6.  the person will have to be accommodated and maintained adequately only out of the funds that are available to him or her,
  7.  the person is looking for entry only as a short-term student,
  8.  the student must not recourse to any public funds.

Regarding situations mentioned within this article and anything else that you might need help with, our London immigration lawyer will gladly help sort everything out, so please feel free to contact us. Our team of immigration solicitors in London can help you obtain UK residence card or a specific type of visa.