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When You Need a Visa for Entering UK

When You Need a Visa for Entering UK

Your visit in the UK will depend upon the country you are coming from and the purposes for your stay here. The UK Immigration Law has specific rules and guidelines and it is recommended to know what documents you need before you apply for any visa. Our immigration solicitors in London can help you with proper information and legal assistance about all types of visas, if you want to enter the UK.

Who needs a visa for entering the UK?

If you are from EEA (European Economic Area)  or from Switzerland you will need a valid passport or a national identity card to enter the UK. A tourist visa has replaced the general visitor visa, the business visitor visa, the family visitor visa, the child visitor visa, and the sports visitor visa. In order to apply for this type of visa, you will need to show your return ticket, an up-to-date passport or identity card, the proof that you have a job and family ties in your home country. With this type of visa, you will stay no longer than six months in the UK, and our immigration lawyer in London will help you prepare the right documents. The standard visitor visa is necessary when you want to enter the UK for business, leisure or private medical treatment.  You can apply for this visa if you prove that you are able to financially support yourself, that you can pay for the return in your home country, and that you will leave the UK after your visit.

Other types of visas to enter in the UK

A short-term study visa is required for students who are enrolled in various school programs. Take into consideration that you cannot bring your family members with this type of visa and you cannot work or start a business in the country. Citizens who want to get married in the UK or register for a civil partnership will need a marriage visitor visa for UK. In order to obtain this visa you must take into consideration a few important conditions:

  • candidates will need to stay in the UK for no more than six months;
  • applicants must prove they can support themselves without requesting public funds;
  • candidates need to offer notification of marriage or enter into a civil partnership in the UK;
  •  applicants must demonstrate they can pay the return voyage.

A work permit is an important visa for entering in the country and is necessary for citizens who wish to be employed in the UK.

The UK immigration solicitor will offer all information and also legal assistance if you need a visa for entering the UK, or if you request immigration services, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.