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What You Should Do Before Entering UK

What You Should Do Before Entering UK

Before traveling to the UK it is necessary to verify what type of visa you might need.  The UK Immigration Law has settled very important rules that need to be taken into consideration before you plan a visit in the country. Our immigration solicitors in London are able to provide you with the necessary information and legal assistance if you want to apply for a UK visa, according to your needs or purposes. Details about UK residence card or British citizenship can be offered on request by our UK immigration lawyer.

Visa information for EEA and Switzerland citizens

In order to enter the UK, the EEA and Swiss citizens need to prepare valid passports or valid identity cards. Citizens from Norway or Iceland have the right to travel to the UK without any special restrictions, and can properly live and work in the country. It is good to know that Brexit has not changed the status and the rights for EEA or Swiss citizens, regarding the possibility to enter and live in the UK. All the needed documentation can be prepared and offered by our UK immigration lawyer.

Interested in a residence permit in UK or British citizenship? Please talk to our London immigration lawyer.

Visas for EU citizens who want to enter the UK

A standard visitor visa is available for no more than six months and the passport must be available the entire visit. Checking the latest rules and regulations about what type of visa you might need is mandatory when asking for immigration services in the UK. Regarding the currency, the UK uses the Great British Pounds, so it is necessary to change the money before you travel to the country. Take into consideration that there are stores that take euros, but you will get pounds for change. If you wish to use credit cards in the UK, it is recommended to solicit information from your bank, before you travel to the UK.

Foreign citizens who wish to enter the UK for work only, need to obtain a work permit. This document can be received from the Immigration Agency in a maximum period of 14 days if the citizen will meet the essential conditions imposed by the UK Immigration Law. Before entering the UK with the entire family, and especially with children, make sure to early prepare the needed documents like, birth certificate, divorce, or marriage certificate, if the child has a different name or a permission letter from the parent who approved the travel. Talk to our London immigration lawyer and ask for advice.

What happens at the UK border?

Before you enter the UK, your valid documents will be properly verified at the border, in order to ensure you are a citizen with no legal problems. Make sure to declare to the customs officer any specific goods you have traveled with, to avoid any misinterpretations. If you have shown a suitable visa on your passport, and if you have presented the necessary documents for your visit to the UK, you will properly enter the UK.

Please feel free to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London, if you need additional information and assistance before you want to enter the UK. Details about UK residence card can be offered on request by our London immigration lawyer.