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What You Have Know Before Immigrating to the UK

What You Have Know Before Immigrating to the UK

According to statistics, the migration to the UK is growing continuously and people are searching for a better life and proper conditions to live. The UK has always been a suitable option for many EU and non-EU citizens who wanted to work or study here. There are many job offers in developed industries in the country and many universities with high standards of education which can form young people. If you have decided to move to the UK, you should solicit help, details, and guidance about the available visas and UK residence card from our immigration solicitors in London. You can rely on the legal support and representation offered by our UK immigration lawyer.

Visas for the UK

The EEA and non-EU citizens need to apply for a UK visa if they want to visit the country or if they accepted a job opportunity or a place on courses of a prestigious college. The visitor visa for the UK contains different categories of visas, such as:

  •     business visa for people who want to start their activities in the country;
  •     tourist visa for citizens who want to travel and visit the UK;
  •     marriage visas for persons who want to get married in the UK;
  •     private medical treatment visa for people who follow certain treatment in the UK.

In order to receive such visas, the citizens need to hold available passports, return tickets, and bank statements that prove they can financially support themselves during the stay in the UK, without asking for public funds. Talk to our UK immigration lawyer for legal advice.

If you have decided to study in the UK, it is recommended to apply for a student visa within one month before the first courses in the country. The Tier 4 visa for students is available for 6 months but can be extended if the courses will take longer. If you prove the financial support, if you speak and write in English and if you have been offered a place on a course, then the UK Immigration Office will grant you the student visa.

People who accepted a job offer in the UK should apply for a work permit. The Home Office Agency is in charge of issuing these types of permits which can be granted within 2 weeks if all the documents are accepted and if the citizens meet the essential conditions. The Tier 1 visa (for entrepreneurs) is available for businesspersons who want to open a company in the country. Investors with £2,000,000 share capital need to apply for a Tier 1 visa for investors. There are also work permits available for representatives of a foreign business, for domestic workers, for temporary workers or for people dealing with diplomatic jobs for a certain period in the UK. The entire assistance when applying for such visas can be provided by our London immigration lawyer. The same specialists can help you obtain a residence permit in UK or British citizenship.

The cost of living in the UK

The UK offers excellent conditions of living and it is well-known that London is an expensive city. With an annual income of about £ 15,000 per year, a foreign citizen can properly live in the UK, considering the utilities, the rent, the food, and the public transportation that need to be paid. With about £ 40,000 per year, a couple with a child or two can easily live in the UK.

Job opportunities in the UK

Construction, IT, healthcare or oil and petrol industry are the main areas chosen by people who want to immigrate to the UK. These domains are well paid and open for people who wish to make a proper career and to personally develop. Skilled migrants can easily obtain a job in the UK if they meet the essential conditions: excellent speaking and writing in English, degree diploma, previous experience in certain domains. Interested in UK residence card or British citizenship? Please discuss with our London immigration lawyer.

Why choose UK to immigrate to?

The healthcare and the education system in the UK are excellent rated and are free for all residents in the country. The most important and prestigious colleges worldwide are found in cities like London, Birmingham, Cambridge, or Oxford and many students choose high-standard education in the UK.

Regarding the job opportunities, the country is well-known for its openness to foreign citizens who want to settle here and to legally work in different domains. The construction and the IT industry are developing daily and companies agree to hire skilled citizens from countries like Germany, Spain, Romania, Austria, France, Czech Republic, or Poland. Citizens from Asia or America are also a strong workforce in the UK.

You are invited to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London for additional information about how to immigrate to the UK and obtain a residence permit in UK.