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What to Consider Before Moving to UK

What to Consider Before Moving to UK

People who wish to relocate to the UK from non-EU countries should verify what kind of visa they need. The EU citizens can enter Uk without a visa, for tourism purposes, since the country left the EU. Besides that, the costs of living and the main aspects related to any type of moving need to be analyzed with care before making any decision. The UK has always been a friendly country to all migrants who wanted to live and legally work here, and there are suitable conditions and opportunities for personal development. Our immigration solicitors in London can give proper advice and legal aid if you want to apply for a UK visa and a residence permit in UK.

UK visas for non-EU citizens

Any individual who is from non-EU and non-EEA countries needs to apply for a UK visa, which implies particular requirements to consider. A valid passport, a clear criminal background, medical insurance, and bank statements should be provided to the immigration office in the home country. Besides that, if you have successfully applied for a job in the UK, a letter of confirmation would be mandatory when asking for a UK visa, or a certificate of sponsorship. It is good to know that most companies in the UK will deal with the necessary work permit for the foreign employees who have signed the work contract. As a reminder, the EU citizens who decide to move to the UK do not need a visa but they will have to apply for a work permit to legally work in the country. A residence permit will need to be issued as soon as you settle in the country, so feel free to talk to our UK immigration lawyer.

Education, property rental, and transportation in the UK

Basic public education is provided by the UK government without any costs, but there are also private schools for about GBP 11,000/year. For about GBP 25,000 you can sign your kid to the boarding school. If you want to study in the UK, there are many prestigious colleges to choose from, with annual rates of about GBP 9,000. Before moving to the UK, it is recommended to get in touch with a real estate agent who can offer you different details and options about the apartments you can rent. A suitable and comfortable apartment in London may cost about GBP 800, but you can also choose to live near the city with about GBP 400-600 for a rented flat. Besides that, you should consider the monthly bills, like gas and electricity which are a little bit more costly than in any other European country. Regarding the food, there are many important markets to choose from and make provisions.

Transportation is one of the most developed in Europe, with subways, railway stations, and buses that connect the entire metropolis with the districts and cities around. For proper living in the UK, a person should have an annual income of about GBP 15,000. A couple with two children should gain about GBP 38,000 per year.

Interested in UK residence card or British citizenship? Please talk to our UK immigration lawyer.

Job opportunities in the UK

Engineering, construction, healthcare, oil industry, education, and manufacturing are the main areas where EU and non-EU skilled citizens can find work. According to their education and high diploma, they can successfully apply for well-paid jobs, where companies offer besides remuneration, health insurance, or even accommodation. A Tier-2 visa will be necessary when applying for a particular job in the UK. You can ask for additional information about the type of visa you need from our London immigration lawyer. Details about a residence permit in UK can be offered.

Move to the UK as a businessman

There are many business opportunities in the UK for all overseas entrepreneurs who want to start their activities in the country. The Tier 1 visa for entrepreneurs is recommended and if the minimum share capital and the business plan are accepted, then you can legally start your business in the UK. But if you are interested in investing in a company already made, you can get in touch with a business broker who can guide you in this matter. Our London immigration lawyer can offer legal assistance and we can also provide details on how to become a permanent resident in UK.

Support for UK residence card and British citizenship can be requested from our London immigration lawyer. You are invited to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London if you need extra details about what to consider before moving to the UK.