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Visa Guide for PhD Students in the UK

Visa Guide for PhD Students in the UK

Any foreign student who chooses to follow postgraduate studies in the UK needs to apply for Tier 4 visa.  The UK educational institutions and the government have always proposed suitable plans and programs for all individuals who want to study at the most appreciated universities worldwide. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer details and guidelines for all individuals who wish to study in the UK as Ph.D. students. Legal advice is offered by our UK immigration lawyer.

The definition of PhD

Ph.D. or “Doctor of Philosophy” is a postgraduate degree obtained after three years of independent inquiries, under the strict supervision of academic experts. The title can be obtained by candidates who successfully contributed to knowledge in an original and important manner. This is the highest degree a person can receive and can be obtained if you choose the universities that have the HTS status (Highly Trusted Sponsor). The HTS universities in the UK offer high-quality education programs and excellent conditions for all foreign students who apply. In order to pursue a Ph.D. in the UK, the applicant needs to obtain a Tier 4 visa for students. More details in this matter can be solicited from our UK immigration lawyer.

Details about the UK Tier 4 visa for students

This type of visa is issued by the Immigration Office in the UK if the candidate demonstrates he is capable to financially support the Master’s course. Every foreign student needs to demonstrate the financial resources, about £1,000/month for a proper living London if this is the chosen city to study. Individuals from Switzerland and EEA (European Economic Area) may follow postgraduate programs in the UK without a visa.

A Tier 4 student visa is available for six to seven years and you may apply for a permanent residence in the UK or for British citizenship. The necessary information on this matter can be received from our London immigration lawyer.

What you can do as a Ph.D. student during courses

Ph.D. students can work during the doctoral program in the UK, but taking into consideration they cannot exceed 20 hours per week. It is good to know that they can also bring the fiancée or the spouse in the UK if they prove they have sufficient funds to support themselves, about £ 5,400 for a proper living in London. If the occasion arises, the dependants can also search for a job and legally work in the UK. In conclusion, a Ph.D. title can offer many development opportunities in life, especially if it has been obtained in one of the most appreciated university countries worldwide.

If you have any other questions about how to obtain a UK student visa, you are invited to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London. Would you like legal representation? Feel free to discuss this with our London immigration lawyer.