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Visa for Visitors in the UK

Visa for Visitors in the UK

If you are not a British citizen or a citizen of EU, you may need entry permission before you travel to the UK. Also, if you are getting married you must apply for the proper visa. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer proper guidance and legal assistance if you need a visitor visa in the UK. The same specialists can help you obtain UK residence card or British citizenship.

Important details about Visa for visitors in UK

The UK visitor visa application can be made at the UK Mission in the state where you are generally and officially resident. Our London immigration lawyer recommends you plan to apply for your travel visa pretty much in advance of your proposed journey date. Some travel visas may be managed in 24 hours, but others may take longer, particularly in a situation where an interview is mandatory. This kind of visa process could take up to numerous weeks. Furthermore, your immigration lawyers can also guide you if you are interested in UK innovator visa. Non-EU nationals who are already in the UK on another visa may apply for the innovator visa. The UK Home Office even allows people who have a standard visitor visa to switch to an innovator visa. It happens if the individuals come to the UK to obtain funds and have a letter of support from the endorsing body.

Reasons why you may want to visit the UK 

There are many reasons why a person may wish to come to the UK for a little time. Besides visiting family, tourism, or business visits, persons may wish to visit the UK to get married, make plans for learning in the UK, assume a short program, join significant occasions, visit the UK as a delegate of a business, or lead research or attend a test in the UK. No matter the reasons, our immigration solicitors in London can help you step by step with the entire visa process and UK residence card.

Common requests if you come to the UK as a visitor 

Persons planning to visit the UK must be able to prove that they want to stay in the UK for no more than 6 months and that they will be leaving the UK at the end of their journey. Furthermore, persons must be able to show that they have enough money to support themselves, without assistance from UK public funds. A residence permit in UK is also needed, so talk to our London immigration lawyer.

Types of “Visitor Visa” 

If you plan to visit the UK you must apply for the right category of visitor visa, before arriving in the country, as you are required to comply with the settings on your visa. Any violation of visa terms during your stay in the UK may result in imposing penalties and it is therefore suggested that you confirm that your purposes for coming to the UK are sufficiently reproduced in the type of visitor visa you apply for. The categories of “Visitor Visa” are the following:

General visitors:

Academic visitors:

  • adviser, trainers, consultants;
  • sports visitors;
  • troubleshooters who are employed overseas by the same company which has a UK branch.

Special visitors:

When you apply for a “general visitor visa” you will need to prove that you only propose to visit the UK for a short period, meaning no more than 6 months. You cannot study, undertake business, or receive private medical treatment. When you apply for a “business visa” you will need to prove that you intend to visit the UK for genuine business action, without exceeding the 6 months stay period.
When you apply for an “entertainer visitor visa”, it is recommended to solicit the help of our UK immigration lawyer, if you are unclear whether your purpose for coming to the UK or planned activity is protected by the “entertainer visitor” class. Interested in British citizenship? Talk to our specialists.

Please feel free to contact our immigration lawyers in London, if you want extra information and guidance regarding visa for visitors in the UK or residence permit in UK.