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Visa for UK – Short Overview II

Visa for UK – Short Overview II

People who want to visit the UK for a certain period of time will need a tourist visa. If you are just in transit on your way to another country, you can apply for a UK transit visa. No matter the type of visa you need, our immigration solicitors in London can provide you with information, guidance, and legal assistance, in order to obtain the best possible result. You can rely on complete support offered by our UK immigration lawyer.

Apply for a UK tourist visa

The UK tourist visa is available for people who wish to visit the country for business or leisure purposes, for medical treatments or to get in touch with family members. The candidates must meet certain conditions in order to receive the UK tourist visa, and here we remind the following:

  1.     they need to prove that they can financially support themselves without asking for public funds;
  2.     the candidates cannot work with this type of visa</strong> ;
  3.     the applicants cannot stay longer than 6 months in the UK;
  4.     the candidates need to hold valid passports;
  5.     the applicants must show the return tickets;

If you have any other questions about a tourist visa, our UK immigration lawyer can offer the needed assistance.

Apply for a UK transit visa

The transit visa is necessary for citizens who are just passing through the UK on their way to another country. There are important conditions to consider when applying for a UK transit visa, and here we remind the following:

  •     a citizen needs to have enough funds for the planned travel;
  •     an individual must demonstrate he just passes through the UK on his way to another state.

Take into consideration that if you are in transit and you need to leave the UK airport for a couple of hours or a day, a tourist visa is mandatory. Talk to our London immigration lawyer for legal advice.

Apply for a UK short-stay visa

The short-stay visa for UK is available for only six months and can be granted if you wish to get married, to study, to transit or if you have a short-term and paid arrangement in the UK. In order to receive the short-stay visa in the UK, you must provide to the immigration officer some bank statements in order to see if you can financially support yourself during this period. Besides many other documents, the return tickets must be shown. Our London immigration lawyer can explain more.

Our team of immigration solicitors in London can offer detailed information about any type of visa you might need to enter UK, therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.