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Visa for Different Categories of Citizens

Visa for Different Categories of Citizens

People interested in visiting or prolonging their United Kingdom (UK) visa, as well as those who want to move to the UK, should search the legal advice of an immigration lawyer, who can offer assistance and guidance for each particular situation. Our immigration solicitors in London can provide you with suitable information regarding visas for domestic workers, overseas government employee, entertainers, long residence, or postgraduate doctors.

UK visa for domestic workers

If you wish to follow your employer to the UK as a domestic or household worker, you will need to apply for a Domestic Worker visa. This type of visa refers to gardeners, chauffeurs, cooks or nannies, who have been working for their employer for at least one year. In this case, you will obtain a visa between six and 12 months, depending on the length of stay of the employer, with the chance to be extended. To meet the requirements for the UK visa you must:

  •    be aged 18-65;
  •    intend to travel to the UK for the business of your employer or your employer’s spouse;
  •    have been working for your employer for one year or more instantly preceding your application, or have been employed in a home that your employer uses on a regular basis for themselves for one year or more;
  •    be able to preserve and accommodate yourself sufficiently, as trained by your employer, without recourse to public resources;
  •    intend to work full-time as a domestic worker in the same residence as your employer.

Our UK immigration lawyer can offer complete legal support.

UK visa for overseas government employee

This kind of visa is for individuals who will be employed by a foreign government, a UN organization or another global organization of which the UK is a member. Here are the requirements for this kind of visa:

  •     a valid UK entry clearance or evidence of your status as a foreign government employee;
  •     you intend to work full time for the government or organization involved;
  •     you do not propose to take any other occupation;
  •     you have enough money to live in the UK without working or help from public funds.

Our London immigration lawyer will help you apply for entry permission at your local British Embassy or Consulate if you are a visa national.

UK visa for entertainers

If you intend to come to the UK to perform as a professional or amateur entertainer, you will need a work permit.
In the following situations, you would not need a work permit, but it is necessary a business visitor visa:

  •     if you intend to negotiate contracts or discuss sponsorship preparations; or
  •     if you intend to perform at auditions only and you will not be remunerated for this; or
  •    if you intend to make personal appearances and advertisements, like talk shows or conferences.

If you have a genuine invitation to perform on one or more occasions, you can come to the UK with an Entertainer visa, which is valid for six months. Our London immigration lawyer can provide assistance.

UK visa for long residence

Indefinite leave to remain rather than permanent residence is the proper term for the immigration status in the UK that allows you to remain in the UK permanently and that gives you the freedom to take up any kind of work in the UK. Indefinite leave to remain is normally only granted to people who are in a long term visa category that specifically leads to this. However, you can also gain indefinite leave to remain if you meet the following requirements:

  •    you have 10 years of lawful residence in the UK, or 14 years of lawful or unlawful dwelling. Usually, most people who apply for citizenship on the basis of a 14-year residence scheme have lived illegally for a short period of time in the country;
  •     you should not have been outside the UK for longer than 18 months in total during the relevant period;
  •     you should not have left the UK during the appropriate period with a strong purpose not to come back to the UK;
  •     you should not have left the UK over the ten year period after having rejected entry to the UK, or after being refused an addition of leave to stay in the UK or after being extradited;
  •    you should continue to get extensions to your status in the UK throughout the ten year period. This is possible to be applicable if you are a student and have spent much of your student life in the UK.

Our UK immigration lawyer can help you obtain a UK visa for a long residence in the country.

UK visa for postgraduate doctors

If you are qualified in the UK or overseas as a doctor or dentist you may be able to do postgraduate preparation in the UK. First of all you need to register with either the General Medical Council or the General Dental Council before you begin postgraduate training. If you are qualified in another state you may need to pass an English language test before making the registering process. If you have operated as a house officer in a hospital in the UK for up to 12 months then you can be suitable for full registration with the General Medical Council. In order to qualify for postgraduate training in the UK, you must demonstrate that you:

  •     are a doctor;
  •     are registered, or qualified to be registered with the General Medical Council;
  •     intend to carry postgraduate training in a hospital or the Community Health Services in the UK.
  •     have not already spent 4 years in postgraduate training in the UK;
  •     intend to leave the United Kingdom when you complete your training.

Please feel free to contact our immigration solicitors in London if you need extra information about visas for different categories of citizens.