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UK Visas – Short Guide for Travelers

UK Visas – Short Guide for Travelers

The UK and especially London is on top choices for numerous tourists worldwide who travel here for different purposes. If you want to study or to visit the UK it is recommended to search in time the type of visa you might need, in order to properly enter the UK. Our immigration solicitors in London can provide you with information and legal assistance if you are interested in UK visas, residence permit in UK, or British citizenship. Talk to our UK immigration lawyer if you want legal representation.

The UK tourist visa

The standard visitor visa for the UK is necessary for all individuals who wish to enter the UK.  A candidate who applies for a tourist visa needs to show he can financially support himself during the visit in the UK. The immigration officer can also ask for evidence related to work and family members in the home country. The return ticket is also necessary in order to obtain a tourist visa, besides a valid passport. More details in this matter and about a residence permit in UK can be offered by our UK immigration lawyer.

The UK visitor visa

This type of visa is necessary for citizens outside the UK or EU (European Union) who wish to get married here, to study or to attend to business meetings in the country. In order to obtain the UK visitor visa, it is necessary to apply months before the journey, and it is available for only six months. If your visit implies private medical treatments, or if you wish to come to the UK as a consultant or as an employee of a foreign company with a branch in the UK, you will need a UK visitor visa. It is recommended to demonstrate that you can financially support yourself without asking for public funds. Our London immigration lawyer can tell you more.

The UK fiancé/e visa

People who wish to get married in the UK will need a UK fiancé/e visa. The candidate must be at least 18 years old, intends he/she gets married within six months, to prove they have proper accommodation in the country, and to show they can financially support themselves without having to solicit public funds. It is good to know that a UK fiancé/ visa will not allow you to work in the country. The entire visa process application, alongside details about UK residence card, can be explained by our London immigration lawyer, besides suitable legal assistance.

The UK Tier 4 visa for students

Every citizen who is at least 16 years old and who wishes to study in the UK needs to apply for a Tier 4 study visa. In order to receive this type of visa, the candidate needs to show he can support himself during courses, speaks and writes English, and has a place to study. The UK Tier 4 visa for students is available for 6 months, and the future student needs to arrive in the UK at least two weeks before he starts the courses.

The UK short-stay visa

People who wish to stay in the UK for about six months can apply for a UK short-stay visa. This type of visa is available for visitors in transit, for future students, for paid short-term engagements, and for marriage visitors. In conclusion, it is good to know that the following categories need to be checked if you want to enter the UK with a proper visa:

  1. study;
  2. work;
  3. tourism;
  4. transit;
  5. family visit;
  6. medical treatment;
  7. for marriage purposes;
  8. visit a child at school;
  9. business purposes.

If you have any other questions about the types of visas available for the UK or about British citizenship you are invited to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London.