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Residency by Investment in UK

Residency by Investment in UK

The Tier 1 visa for investors in UK replaced the Tier 1 visa for entrepreneurs. UK residency by investment can be gained by foreigners who make specific investments in the country. The conditions imposed for this kind of visa for UK can be entirely explained by our London immigration lawyer.


How do I apply for a Tier 1 visa for investors in UK?

As mentioned above, the UK residency by investment can be gained with the help of Tier 1 visa for investors. Here are the eligibility criteria for obtaining this kind of visa for UK:

  •  The applicant for a Tier 1 visa for investors must be at least 18 years of age and have a clear criminal record certificate to show.
  •  Investments of at least GBP 2 million must be made to apply for UK residency.
  •  Paying the healthcare surcharge is mandatory for this kind of visa application.
  •  The applicant must open a bank account in UK and deposit the required investments for Tier 1 visa for investors application.
  • A valid passport is required.
  •  Some citizens might need to take the tuberculosis test.

The British authorities are entitled to make some specific verifications and ask for the source of funds of the investments foreigners want to make in UK. Moreover, the amount of investments must be spent in UK in order to be eligible for UK residency by investment. Legal assistance and representation are offered by our immigration solicitors in UK to foreign citizens who want to make investments in the country and gain residency. British citizenship can be granted after living at least 6 years in UK without interruptions.

What kind of investment source is accepted in UK?

Personal finances, company profits, assets gained from testaments, gifts, and other legal types of funds are accepted as investments in UK for joining the residency programme. Applicants must be prepared for particular verifications of funds and present the required documentation. The legal support and guidance of our immigration lawyers in London are recommended for residency by investment in UK application, as our specialists can manage the visa formalities and more.

Qualifying for settlement in UK

Foreigners have other options for residency by investment in UK. If investments of at least GBP 2 million are required for settlement in UK after 5 years, GBP 10 million is needed to settle in UK in 2 years. Investments of GBP 5 million helps a foreigner settle in UK in 3 years. We remind that settlement in UK means gaining residency in the country, under specific conditions imposed by the British Immigration Law.

Choosing our immigration lawyers in London

Our immigration solicitors in London can offer complete legal support for non-EU/EEA citizens interested in residency by investment in UK. The legal support is recommended and required for properly respecting the eligibility criteria of UK visas. We have a dedicated team of immigration lawyers in London who can provide the needed legal support and advice for citizens interested in relocating to UK without complications. Some visa rejections might appear if applicants do not respect the requirements referring to documents and other formalities. Professionalism, confidence, and efficiency stand at the base of any collaboration with our clients because we want to offer the best possible outcomes right from the start.

Short facts about immigration in UK

According to migrationobservatory in UK, London has the largest number of migrants, around 3,317,000 citizens. Most of the immigrants come from India, Poland, and Pakistan, according to statistics for 2019. Moreover, the main reason for relocating to UK is work, nearly 48% of the total migrants in 2019 relocating to this country for this purpose. Around 34% of EU citizens in UK came for family reunification in the same year. Here are other interesting facts ad figures about immigration in UK:

  • More than 87,000 applications for settlement decisions in UK were granted in 2020 for non-EU/EEA citizens.
  • In the case of non-EU citizens, around 21% of immigrants came for work purposes in UK in 2019.
  • Around 49% of non-EU nationals came to UK for family reunification in 2019.
  • About 10% of EU immigrants and 14% of non-EU citizens came for study purposes in UK in the same year.

Would you like to know more about residency by investment in UK and related requirements imposed by the legislation? You are invited to discuss with our team of immigration solicitors in London and discover the legal support we can offer. Contact us and make an appointment with our specialists.