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The Main Legal Steps of Moving to UK (I)

The Main Legal Steps of Moving to UK (I)

People from the European Union (EU) can easily relocate to the UK, to work, study, and live in normal conditions. You can apply for a driver’s license or you can simply enjoy the benefits and the rights as a European citizen in the British Kingdom. Our immigration solicitors in London are able to provide you with the necessary information before you move to the UK, so it is recommended to ask for details and guidance before anything else. They can help you obtain a UK residence card and British citizenship.

1. EU citizens do not need a visa to enter the UK

Great Britain is still part of the European Union, therefore, the citizens from EU countries can freely travel to the UK, without having to apply for a particular visa. But you should consider obtaining the work permit if you have successfully applied for a job in the UK. Talk to our UK immigration lawyer for details.

2. Work permit for EU citizens in the UK

The work permit grants any EU individual the right to work in legal forms in the UK. Usually, the companies are the sponsors, and they can also make the arrangements for the necessary work permits.  The valid passports, the letter of employment, the qualification degree, and a minimum of 3 years of experience are the main requirements to consider when applying for a work permit in the UK. The most important work visas in the UK are for representatives of overseas businesses and for domestic workers. Please ask for support from our UK immigration lawyer if you want to obtain a residence permit in UK.

3. Search for a legal job in the UK

Immigrants in the UK choose to legally work here, but there are individuals who are not registered, which is a severe problem the authorities are trying to deal with. It is recommended to search for recruitment agencies which are in charge of advertising jobs in the UK. Such websites are verified by the authorities in charge of the labor market in the UK, therefore you can properly analyze the opportunities and apply according to your qualifications and experience. Our London immigration lawyer can offer legal advice for visa work permits.

4. Looking for a home in the UK

If you consider the UK as a new home, make sure to search for an apartment to buy or to rent. Most people choose to rent fully equipped condominiums for a certain amount of money per month, in different important cities in the country. London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Bristol, Canterbury, Oxford or Nottingham are well-developed cities, with significant culture and history, besides the fruitful economy.  Make sure to get in touch with real estate agencies because they can search for a home, according to your budget and requirements.

You can discuss with our London immigration lawyer and ask about UK residence card or British citizenship.

5. Open a bank account in the UK

The remuneration for your activities in the UK will be received in your bank account for which you need to prepare the documents like a valid passport, a letter of employment, and details about the residence address.

If you have decided to move to the UK, for work or any other purposes, you are invited to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London for suitable and complete information.