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Taxation Rules for Immigrants in UK

Taxation Rules for Immigrants in UK

Foreigners who want to live and work in UK will have to pay attention to the taxes they need to pay in this country. The wages, the pension funds, saving interests, and the benefits are the incomes a person can receive in Great Britain and for which certain taxes are imposed. Applying for a work permit in UK or a residence permit in UK is subject to several conditions and legal requirements for which our team of immigration solicitors in London can provide broad support. They can also help foreigners apply for British citizenship.

What are the taxes for foreigners in UK?

Each individual living in UK must pay the contributions for the National Insurance, whether as a self-employed or as a worker. Sole traders registering profits of at least GBP 6,205 per year and workers with incomes of GBP162 per week must pay for the social contributions. One should know that if the national insurance contributions are paid in another EEA country, then the worker will not have to pay the same contributions in UK. This means that the employee benefits from the double taxation treaty signed by UK and that country.  We invite you to talk to our UK immigration lawyer and find out about the main visa requirements for entering UK or about UK residence card. The support of a London immigration lawyer will prove helpful.

What do you need to know about the taxes in UK?

The employment status will reveal the national insurance category and the taxes imposed for individuals working in UK. Here are information and details about the contributions of immigrants in Great Britain:

  • Canada, Korea, Barbados, Japan, Montenegro, Bermuda, Israel, Jamaica, Serbia, Philippines, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, Mauritius, and Turkey are a few of the countries that signed bilateral treaties with UK to avoid the double taxation;
  • tax refunds can be claimed if you are working for a short period of time in UK;
  • the biometric residence permit comes with the National Insurance Number on the back;
  • incomes between GBP162 and GBP 892/week are subject to a 12% tax rate as the contribution for the National Insurance;
  • a 2% tax rate is applicable for earnings of GPB 3,863 per month.

We recommend you to contact our immigration solicitors in London and ask for legal support in tax matters if you live and work in UK. The same team can help you obtain a residence permit in UK or British citizenship, therefore, address your inquiries to our London immigration lawyer.