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Study in London – How to Apply for a Student Visa

Study in London – How to Apply for a Student Visa

Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Birmingham, or London are well-known cities on top choices for students who wish to obtain a college degree in the UK. For this to happen, a future student in London needs to apply for a visa and to respect certain requirements. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer suitable information and assistance when preparing the documents for a UK student visa under Tier 4 or for UK residence permit. Legal advice can be offered by our UK immigration lawyer.

The main requirements to obtain a UK student visa

Foreign students from outside the European Union (EU) can choose to study at the Royal College of Music, Regent’s University London, Kingston University London, UCL (University College London), London Metropolitan University, London Business School, University of Westminster, or Newcastle University London. In order to obtain a Tier 4 student visa, they need to attend full-time courses in London and to consider the following aspects before they apply:

  •  have excellent written and spoken English knowledge;
  • have enough funds to support during the courses at a university in London;
  • have gained or having been offered a place on a course;
  •  pay for the courses;
  •  pay for medical insurance.

Take into consideration that a student under 16 years will need a UK child-student visa and the acceptance of a parent or a legal tutor. Ou UK immigration lawyer is able to offer assistance when you apply for a student visa in the UK, and it is good to know that you should start this process three months before the first courses.

Opportunities for all students in London

student in London can work on the campus of the university or outside, no more than 20 hours per week. This opportunity is available for students who apply to a higher education institution in London, listed on the HTS (Highly Trusted Sponsor). It is good to know that you can also bring your family if they have the proper visa, such as a family visa, fiancée visa, or spouse visa, depending on the case. Information in this matter and about a residence permit in UK can be offered by our London immigration lawyer.

40 points to obtain a UK student visa

If you have decided to study in London or elsewhere in the UK you will need to obtain a maximum of 40 points:

  • 30 points granted by the UKVI (UK Visa Immigration) after the confirmation of acceptance;
  • 10 points if you make the proof you will pay for the courses and for your stay in London or UK.

All London universities have proper and updated websites, therefore, no matter the type of college you choose, there will be details about the university and about the type of visa you need.

For additional information about how to apply for a student visa in order to attend a college in London, you are invited to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London. Details about UK residence card or British citizenship can be offered by our London immigration lawyer.