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Solutions to Immigration Issues

Solutions to Immigration Issues

Persons who are interested in relocating to United Kingdom (UK) or those who want to receive legal advice on immigration issues may address their inquiries to our immigration lawyers in London, who can provide solutions in accordance with the respective situation. It is good to know that you can obtain help in case you are interested in applying for a work permit in UK, get married, apply for British citizenship, or obtain asylum.

Residency in London

Our UK immigration lawyer can offer you a wide range of solutions to immigration issues, which can be provided to persons living in the United Kingdom or to individuals who are interested in receiving a visa on British territory. The legislation related to the residence permit in UK changed in 2012 when the government enacted the new immigration regulations. The law has modified the length of time for which the family of a person staying in UK must live here before applying for settlement. For the persons who have received the right to reside in London, it is stipulated that they should live here for five years before applying for settlement. The legislation is enforced for the persons who applied for permission to stay in UK starting with the 9th of July 2012; in the case of those who were granted to enter the UK before this date, the previous legislation applies. The legislation is applicable to the close family of the following:

  • British citizens (family reunification enters the discussion);
  • persons settled in UK (citizens from EU or from countries outside EU);
  • refugees (we can manage your application if you want to be protected in UK);
  • persons who were granted humanitarian protection (the special conditions can be explained by our immigration solicitors).

If you want to settle in London, UK, it is advisable to receive the legal assistance of a London immigration lawyer as the legislation may vary according to your citizenship (for example, citizens of the European Union have less restrictive regulations, as opposed to individuals living outside EU).

How can you apply for asylum in the UK?

Our immigration solicitors in London deal with numerous cases where persons ask for asylum in the country. It is good to know that immigrants who are in search of a new home and who consider their country is no longer a safe residence should comply with the requirements in this matter, in accordance with the Immigration Law in the United Kingdom. A police registration certificate, the birth and/or marriage certificate, and a valid passport need to be presented when applying for asylum in the UK. Once these documents have been accepted, the next step is to pass the interview with the immigration officer to whom complete details about your reasons for asylum in the UK need to be shared. In order to avoid any immigration issues which might occur in this process, we recommend you ask for legal support from our advisor. Assistance for obtaining UK residence card is offered.

Humanitarian protection for certain immigrants in the UK

The Humanitarian Protection (HP) in UK is available for all immigrants looking for a place to live, even though they did not reach the criteria to obtain refugee status. Such persons need to be properly counseled, especially if they can face inappropriate treatments, threatening, or the death penalty in the home country. In this situation, the immigrants can request Humanitarian Protection in the UK. Moreover, individuals who lived in the UK for at least five years under Humanitarian Protection have the right to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Please consider that our immigration solicitors in London can properly analyze your case and can prepare a covering letter to support the application for indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

What is family reunification in the UK

Our UK immigration lawyer also deals with cases of family reunion, where citizens from outside EU (European Union) want to reunite with the family members settled in the United Kingdom. The partners from abroad interested in a family reunification in the UK can apply for a family visa from their home country. This kind of visa is available for persons engaged with a British partner, or about to get married in the UK. Also, children under 18 can obtain such visas if they make proof they live with a single parent. Interested in British citizenship? feel free to talk to our specialists.

What is a spouse visa in UK?

The spouse visa or the marriage visa, as it is called, can be granted for citizens outside EU who are married to a UK citizen and who intend to enter and live in the country for a period of time. This type of visa is available for approximately 3 years (2 years and 9 months) and the conditions involved can be explained by our team of immigration lawyers in London. Likewise, this visa allows foreign citizens to bring their children to the UK, and to work part-time. Getting legal support in this matter is essential for your spouse visa application and also for UK residence card.

Part-time jobs for immigrants in UK

Foreign students or any non-EU citizens have the possibility of working in UK under certain conditions. Skilled migrants can apply for different types of jobs in UK if they qualify for a Tier-2 visa for UK. Even if you choose to work full-time or part-time, the benefits are the same, meaning that you can receive training sessions, bonuses, health insurance, and holiday breaks among many others. For a better understanding of how you can apply for a job in UK, you can talk to our advisors who have vast experience in employment matters.

Immigration issues in London

Our London immigration lawyer can provide you with solutions in accordance with your immigration situation</strong> ; our lawyers have extensive experience with citizens requesting the right to reside in London, from matters related to foreign nationals interested in studying here to the issuance of visas, work permits, residence permits in UK, and more complicated situations, such as legal aid for persons seeking asylum.

If you need further information on the immigration services offered in UK, please contact our immigration lawyers in London who can provide you with legal assistance.