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Right of Residence for EEA/EU and Swiss Citizens

Right of Residence for EEA/EU and Swiss Citizens

Swiss and EEA (European Economic Area)/ EU (European Union) citizens have the right to live and work in the United Kingdom and this is called the right of residence. Our immigration solicitors in London offer suitable guidance and legal assistance if you are an EEA/EU or Swiss citizen and you wish to have residence in the UK. Asking for legal advice and assistance from a London immigration lawyer is quite important.

The right of residence in the UK

The right of residence in the UK is for EEA/EU and Swiss citizens who are employed in the state, or for those who do not work in the UK, but have enough money to support themselves during the stay, without asking for public funds, such as Housing Benefit, Income Support, and Council Tax Benefit. To enter the UK, you will have to show your documents, such as national identity card or passport. It is recommended to use the separate channel marked “EEA/EU” available when you arrive at main ports and airports in the UK. The airport immigration officers will check the passport or national identity card to make sure that it is legal and belongs to you. Talk to our London immigration lawyer and find more information.

Residence permits in the UK

A residence permit will simply approve that you have a right to live in the United Kingdom under the European Community commandment. Our UK immigration lawyer will guide you through the entire process if you and your family members want to apply for a residence document. It is necessary to know that the residence permit is usually valid for five years.  On the other hand, UK residence permits may be distributed for a shorter period if you are working or studying in the country for no more than 12 months. You should take into consideration that citizens with a short visit to the UK, looking for a job, or working for only three months, with no financial support will not receive the right of residence in the country. More details can be solicited from our London immigration lawyer. Our team is also able to provide details on how to become a permanent resident in UK.

Please feel free to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London, if you need extra information about the right of residence for EEA/EU or Swiss citizens.