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Return to Your Country if You Stay Illegally in UK

Return to Your Country if You Stay Illegally in UK

If you are in the UK illegally or your leave has expired, you must return to your home country. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer proper guidance and legal assistance if your leave is out of date, or you stay illegally in the UK and you need to return to your home state. Foreigners can rely on the legal support offered by our UK immigration lawyer in all visa matters.

Who needs to return home after an illegal stay in the UK

It is good to know that you can get suitable help and information if you are over 18 and any of the following aspects apply:

  •     you have been declined leave to remain in the UK;
  •    you have withdrawn, or want to withdraw your application to prolong your leave to remain because you wish to return to your home country;
  •    you are in a family group, with a child under 18 and an individual who is in the UK illegally.

This procedure is known as “voluntary departure”, and our UK immigration lawyer can offer full support and assistance.

Obtaining financial support

Every individual can apply in a different way for financial help and extra sustenance, if he qualified. The citizen is eligible if he:

  •     is waiting for a decision on an asylum request;
  •     has been refused asylum and has pleaded, or is appealing against the pronouncement;
  •     has entered the UK illegally and not claimed asylum, but is a victim of human trafficking or trafficking;
  •     is under 18 and wasn’t escorted by an adult when he arrived in the UK;
  •     is part of a family group that will travel together;
  •     has been given short-term leave to remain in the UK.

Assisted voluntary return is a crucial part of a complete method to migration management pointing at logical and civilized return and rehabilitation of immigrants who are incapable or unwilling to stay in host states. Legal advice is offered by a London immigration lawyer right away. An individual can’t& apply for this if he:

  •     is presently being investigated by the police or arrested by the Home Office;
  •     has been given a prison verdict that is 12 months or longer;
  •     has been sentenced to an immigration crime and given a deportation order;
  •     has already received humanitarian shelter, indefinite leave to remain, or refugee condition.

Please feel free to contact our immigration solicitors in London, in order to obtain suitable information or guidance if you stay illegally in UK and you need to return to your home country. Our London immigration lawyer is here to offer legal advice.