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Requests for Indefinite Leave to Enter or Remain in UK

Requests for Indefinite Leave to Enter or Remain in UK

An applicant for indefiniteleave to enter or remain in the UK must comply with any of the requests made by the Secretary of State on attending an interview, except the case where the applicant will provide a reasonable explanation, according to our immigration solicitors in London. You can rely on our immigration services and you can ask for details about any type of visa you might need, in order to legally enter the UK or about residence permit in UK.

Demonstrating evidence

If the UK authority representative has a reasonable cause of doubt (on an interview, examination, or another basis) that any of the evidence submitted, on behalf of an applicant, has been genuinely obtained then that exact evidence may be discredited for the purpose of the application. When the above situation applies, the decision-maker can give the applicant another opportunity of demonstrating sufficient knowledge about living in the United Kingdom and of the English language, all in accordance with the 3.2 or 3.3 paragraphs of Appendix KoLL. There may also be the case where the decision-maker considers not to give the applicant a further opportunity in the above-mentioned situation, where the person who makes the decision does not anticipate that any supply of further evidence might lead to a grant of leave to enter or remain in the UK because there might already be other reasons for why the application has been refused in the first place. With the assistance of our lawyers, there will be very less chances of your application denial. Furthermore, you are also recommended to avail of the services of our immigration lawyers when you apply for any visa. For instance; if you are interested in an UK investor visa, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. The prime requirement for the investor visa is the applicant should have £2 million to invest in UK. 

In case of a limited leave

There are cases where a person holds limited leave to enter or stay in the United Kingdom. In this situation, the Secretary of State may request this person to provide additional evidence and information to the Home Office (at the address specified in the request) in 28 days since the request has been sent, and also to attend an interview. If an applicant has extant leave at the time of the decision, the remaining amount of time from that extant leave will be added to the period of the limited leave to remain granted.
Interested in a residence permit in UK or British citizenship? Feel free to talk to our UK immigration lawyer. You should also know that the tier 1 entrepreneur visa has been replaced by the new UK innovator visa. The innovator visa differs from previous Point-Based System routes for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Applicants for this UK visa must have their business idea approved by authorized endorsing bodies that operate independently of the UK Home Office. If you are interested in this visa type, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. 

Is the indefinite leave to remain a permanent status?

No, the indefinite leave to remain offers no permanent status in the case a foreign citizen lives outside the UK for more than two years. As it is known, the permanent status offers foreigners the possibility to apply for naturalization. In the case of children born in UK from non-British parents the settled status is important because this is now the child becomes a British citizen. The indefinite leave to remain means that foreign citizens are not subject to immigration controls when they enter the UK and no restrictions regarding the time of stay in the country.

How do I gain back the indefinite leave to remain in UK?

In case a citizen was outside UK for more than two years, he or she can make an application for entry clearance in the UK and be re-admitted if the authorities agree all the paperwork and the entire case. A UK immigration lawyer is needed in such a case, especially if you want to return to UK and need to know the legislation in this direction. The ties with the UK, whether you have properties or family members need to be provided to the authorities when applying for entry clearance in the UK, plus information about the reasons why you left UK in the first place.

Brexit rules – what do you need to know

Citizens from EU, EEA, and Switzerland will have to pay attention to the rules and regulations which will come into effect after Brexit takes place. Persons working in education social services and healthcare will be subject in the first place to pilot schemes as established by the Home Office. In the case of Irish citizens, the authorities guarantee that the freedom of movement will not be affected once the Brexit enters into force because the Common Travel Area agreement was signed previous the decision to leave the European Union.

The difference between IRL and British citizenship

Naturalization is the same thing with British citizenship and it can be obtained by foreign citizens living in the UK for at least 5 years and not leaving the country for more than 90 days. Here is information about the ILR status and naturalization in UK:

  1. The indefinite leave to remain in UK can be lost in the case a citizen lives outside the country for more than 5 years.
  2. Naturalization can be obtained in approximately 6 months from the date the application was made.
  3. British citizenship is granted for life for citizens wanting to live in this country.
  4. The ILR status cannot offer the right to vote in UK.

For further information about obtaining indefinite leave to remain in UK, please do not hesitate to address your inquiries to our London immigration lawyer. They can help you with the formalities of UK residence card.

Conditions to obtain British citizenship

The conditions applicable to British citizenship refer to the period of living in the UK. For instance, persons who are in the UK for at least 5 years can apply for naturalization and those who are married to a British citizen for at least 3 years are good candidates to apply for naturalization. Also, the following conditions need to be considered and respected when applying for British citizenship:

  • Foreign citizens do not have to leave the UK for more than 270 days in three years.
  • Life in the UK test is mandatory when applying for British citizenship.
  • The permanent residence with Indefinite Leave to Remain needs to be provided.
  • UK citizenship applications are processed in approximately 7 months.

Naturalization is available for citizens over 18 years of age who intend to live in UK. Good integrity and no criminal record are among the mandatory requirements considered by the UK authorities. The applications for naturalization in UK involve the “Life in the UK” test with 24 questions and it is based on the second edition of “Life in the United Kingdom: A journey to citizenship”. Feel free to talk to our London immigration lawyer and find out more details about how to obtain UK residence card and British citizenship.

Settlement services for Indefinite Leave to Enter or Remain

The application for Indefinite Leave to Enter or Remain is available for family members of citizens living and working in the UK. The settlement services are provided by the UKVI and promise a correct and fast submission of the documents. Such services can be requested by citizens outside the EU and EEA who want to join the partners established in the UK. In this matter, the legal support of our team of immigration lawyers in London is recommended as they have ample experience in immigration cases such as the applications for indefinite leave to enter or remain.

If there are any other questions regarding the requests for indefinite leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom, do not hesitate to contact our immigration solicitors in London.