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Relocating to the UK

Relocating to the UK

Once you’ve decided that the United Kingdom is the proper place for you, it’s time to make a list of all the important issues before heading over. It is an extensive process, and depends on whether you’re going over for a year on a working holiday, or moving the entire family across for an indefinite period. If all the features of moving in the UK are studied carefully and given generous time to be accomplished, your relocation will be made considerably easier. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer proper guidance and suitable information if you want to relocate to the UK. Here is a list of things you should take into consideration if you want to start a new life in the United Kingdom.

Obtaining the Visa

The starting point for any successful move in the UK is securing the proper visa for you and your family. If you are not a citizen of the EU (European Union), EEA (European Economic Area), or Switzerland you may need a visa to enter the UK, and will certainly need to apply for a visa if you propose on remaining longer than 6 months. Decide what you want to do in the UK and then look into your visa options, with the help and legal assistance of our UK immigration lawyer.

As a reminder, you must apply through one of the visa application centers which are situated all over the world. Visa applications for the UK must be filled in English and can take up to 15 working days to process. For this reason, it is recommended that you apply for your visa as soon as possible, before you intend on relocating to the UK.

Financial info

Citizens should know that it may take some time to open an account once they arrive in the UK. This is a good reason why people should open a bank account in the home state that has a UK branch, or keep the current account open until they will be able to open a bank account in the UK.

Travelers’ cheques are generally allowed in English banks and you should buy them in pounds to eliminate changing currencies twice. Also, credit cards are accepted and the ATM machines are not hard to find. No matter the nationality, anyone will receive free emergency treatment at “Accident & Emergency “departments of NHS (National Health Service) hospitals. Travel insurance is still recommended because it offers better flexibility and covers costs for urgent repatriation. Our UK immigration lawyer can give more details.

School system in the UK

There are two types of schools in the UK, state, and independent. The main difference between them has to do with finance. State schools are supported by the government, while independent schools are sponsored by parents’ costs. State primary schools refer to children aged 5-11, while secondary schools teach youngsters aged 11-16. Another proper option is an international school, which is mainly a good idea if you plan to move back home. These schools are exclusively prepared for children of expatriates, and frequently offer a diversity of educations. No matter what school you choose, it is a good idea to check its presentation tables, in order to find out how other children are performing on standardized examinations and how many scholars reach the government’s literacy rate. Talk to our London immigration lawyer for extra details.

Finding a job in the UK

How fast you will be able to find work in the UK depends on the job market in your domain, your qualifications, and whether you will have to be certified or not, among other conditions. It is sometimes essential to have your credentials, i.e. diplomas, degrees, certificates evaluated in order to compare to UK criteria, in order to find a job in the UK. You might have to take extra duties once you are relocated to the UK, or get licensed to practice in your domain by the UK controlling organization. More details can be offered by our London immigration lawyer.

Quarantine rules in the UK

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) lets pet animals from certain states to enter the UK without quarantine as long as they meet a few procedures. It also means that persons in the UK can take the pets to these states, bring them back without the requirement for quarantine. To bring your pet into the UK under PETS from one of the qualifying states you must take into consideration the following measures:

  •    the six-month rule; once the vet has contracted the PETS certificate and the six month period has passed, the PETS certificate is legal and your pet can enter the UK;
  •     have your animal microchipped;
  •     have your animal vaccinated;
  •     make the blood test;
  •     sign a declaration of residency;
  •     get a PETS certificate;
  •     treat the animals against tapeworms;
  •     arrange the travel for your pet on an accepted route.

Advice on company relocation to UK

Relocating companies is a straightforward process for foreign entrepreneurs who want to test the UK market. There are many reasons why relocating a business to UK is more than beneficial. In addition to the extremely generous business climate that supports both large and start-up businesses, the experienced workforce, excellent infrastructure, much-simplified business conditions, and an extremely advantageous tax system are other major attributes offered by the UK to those who want to do business in this country and generate profits. Here is some information and advice about the company relocation process in the UK, mentioning that you have all the support offered by our London immigration solicitors:

  • The relocation process begins with the creation of several documents that support this decision. Both the company’s managers and the directors will have to sign the relocation documents, and then the company will be removed from the records of the local institutions.
  • If you want to move the physical assets of the company, you will have to use the services of a company that also deals with such activities.
  • As soon as the company is de-registered, it will be incorporated with the relevant UK authorities. If you want to move to UK, feel free to get in touch with our immigration solicitors in London with experience in this field.
  • Both EU and non-EU citizens who want to move to the UK need specific visas to enter this country. Our specialists in the field can also be of use to you.
  • The registration of the relocated company with the financial authorities is next. This is an important step that shows your company is a taxpayer in this country.
  • The activities of the foreign company can start as soon as the registration process is completed successfully.

We remind you of the complete support provided by our team of immigration solicitors in London, essential for a correct and comprehensive relocation from a legal point of view. Legal advice services are offered at advantageous prices, so do not hesitate to talk to us.

What mistakes should you not make when you want to move to UK?

First of all, the area where the foreign company will be relocated is important. The surroundings, access to public transport to help employees from this point of view, the prestige of the city are just some of the details to keep in mind when you want to move your business to the UK.

The sectors of interest where you want to develop your business must be carefully analyzed before any move. It is possible that the field is not as generous as in the country of origin, and therefore the company may not develop properly. In such cases, it is recommended to turn your attention to other activities that can generate profits in a relatively short time.

In terms of service providers, the contracts offered may differ from the ones you were used to. Other rules may be imposed, but it is important to align with them and suggest the necessary changes, with the help of a solicitor, where appropriate.

Relocate to England – What costs should I consider

No matter if you want to relocate to England to live there or move to UK for business purposes, it is important to pay attention to the costs implicated. Company relocation of physical assets, office or home rental fees, the costs for internet and telephony services, the fees for the registration with the local authorities should be part of a good financial plan. This means that one should make some verifications first, instead of dealing with unpleasant situations for which extra money is required.

Investing in UK

An important business hub like UK is for sure a great destination for international entrepreneurs looking for a stable market and economy for future profits. Moving to UK for business purposes is definitely a great idea if you want to develop the existing operations and get in touch with other markets and potential investors. We present you some facts and figures that highlight in large lines the economy of UK:

  • London is considered the financial capital of Europe, hosting a large number of international well-known companies.
  • More than USD 2,075 billion represented the total FDI stock for UK in 2019.
  • Most of the FDIs are absorbed by the financial services sector. Around 30% of the foreign investments were directed to this field in 2018.
  • USA, the Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany are the key investors in UK.
  • UK ranked 8 out of 190 worldwide economies in matters of simplified business, according to the 2020 Doing Business report.

Please feel free to contact our immigration solicitors in London, for any other information about how to relocate to England.