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Parent of a Tier 4 Child Visa in UK

Parent of a Tier 4 Child Visa in UK

The parent of a tier 4 child visa regards the non-EEA parents of children who are living in the United Kingdom with legal leave and studying at an independent fee-paying day school under Tier 4 of the points-based classification. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer proper guidance and legal assistance if you need this type of visa or UK residence card. It is good to know that a parent can escort his child up until he turns 12 years old. Leave is frequently approved for 6 or 12 months at a time and can be prolonged up until the child has achieved age 12. The parent must not plan to make the UK their main residence and he needs to prove that he has suitable and consistent funds for upholding the second home for the period of their visit in the UK.

Parent of a tier 4 child visa requirements

In order to be eligible for a parent of a tier 4 child visa, you will need to meet the following UK Visas and Immigration conditions:

  •     you must be the parent of a child under age 12;
  •     your child must have valid leave to study at a Tier 4 school;
  •     you do not intend to work or study while you stay in the UK;
  •     you need to uphold a second residence outside of the country;
  •     you can effectively support yourself without accessing public funds;
  •     you are capable of paying your return or onward voyage;
  •     you intend to leave the country when your leave is finished.

Every detail about this type of visa will be explained by our UK immigration lawyer, in order to obtain the best possible result. Also, they can help you apply for a residence permit in UK or British citizenship. The support of a London immigration lawyer will prove essential.

The duration of your stay

The parent of a tier 4 child visa is frequently effective for either 6 or 12 months. After this, additions are settled for 12 months at a time until the child reaches age 12. You will receive a shorter visa and you will not be able to prolong your visit if your child is going to have the 12th birthday in the next 12 months or finishes his last year at school in the following 12 months. Comprehensive details can be offered by our UK immigration lawyer.

You can contact our immigration solicitors in London if you need extra information about the parent of a tier 4 child visa in the UK, residence permit in UK, or British citizenship. You can rely on the complete support offered by our London immigration lawyer.