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Obtain Settlement Visa in UK

Obtain Settlement Visa in UK

If you have decided to live and settle in the UK, you might want to consider the conditions for a settlement visa in the country. This important visa allows any individual from overseas to legally stay in the UK, without restrictions in this matter. It is also known as the indefinite leave to remain (IRL). If you need details in this matter, we recommend you ask our immigration solicitors in London. Our London immigration lawyer has vast experience in visa matters, UK residence cards, and British citizenship.

Conditions to obtain ILR in the UK

Persons married to British citizens have the chance to obtain a settlement visa in the UK. Moreover, individuals with a work visa in the UK and who are in the country for more than three years can apply for indefinite leave to remain. Besides that, citizens who enter the following categories may apply for a settlement visa in the UK:

  •     persons with ancestry visa;
  •     individuals who are involved in the 10-year private life settlement route in the UK;
  •     citizens who lived in the UK before and left the country for no more than two years;
  •     individuals with retirement visa for the UK.

Once you have agreed on settling in the UK and apply for a visa in this matter, we remind you that you need to pass the “Life in the UK” test, besides the English language test. Comprehensive information on this matter can be obtained from our UK immigration lawyer. Our specialists can also help you obtain a residence permit in UK and even British citizenship. Furthermore, our immigration lawyers can also assist you if you are interested in applying for an investor visa in UK. You will not be required to provide specific evidence of the source of your funds if you have secured your investor visa investment funds for at least two years. To learn more details regarding investment funds, you can get in touch with our lawyers. 

Settlement for refugees in the UK 

Persons who benefit from humanitarian protection or who have refugee status can apply for a settlement visa in the UK. Also, they can include family members, children, or dependents. A refugee needs to make proof he/she has been living in the UK for the past five years, in order to receive the settlement visa. One should know that persons registered with a criminal record, whether in the home country or in the UK, cannot apply for indefinite leave to remain, as such requests will be definitely denied. Interested in UK residence card? Please talk to our UK immigration lawyer.

Our team of immigration solicitors in London are able to provide you with complete and necessary information about how to apply for a settlement visa in the UK, so please feel free to contact us at any time. You can rely on the support of our London immigration lawyer. In addition to this, if you are interested to know about the requirements of acquiring citizenship in UK, our lawyers can assist you. Naturalization is the most common route for foreigners to obtain British citizenship, but there are also other options available. You may still be able to register as a British citizen if you do not have automatic citizenship. To learn about this procedure, get help from our attorneys.

Furthermore, the services of our lawyers are also at your disposal if you want to apply for a UK innovator visa. An innovator visa is for people who plan to immigrate to the UK and want to start an advanced business there. Constructing a business investment via an innovator Visa is thus one method of obtaining legal UK immigration. To learn about the application for this visa, get help from our lawyers.