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Immigrate to UK from New Zealand

Immigrate to UK from New Zealand

Just like in the case of Australian citizens, persons from New Zealand do not need a visa to enter UK if they intend to stay in this country for no more than 6 months. On the other hand, if you accepted a job in UK and you come from New Zealand, it is suggested to apply for a visa. Our London immigration lawyer can provide legal assistance for those interested in New Zealand immigration in UK. We are at your service if you want to relocate to the UK.

Types of visas for UK

If there is no need for a visa to enter UK from New Zealand, such a permit is solicited for prolonged stays in the country. Here is what you need to know about UK visas for NZ citizens:

  1.  A work visa is needed for New Zealand citizens who accepted a job in UK. Temporary workers from New Zealand can apply for a different type of visa.
  2.  Joining the family members in UK means obtaining a family visa as a citizen from New Zealand.
  3.  If you want to immigrate from New Zealand to UK and study here, you need to apply for a student visa.
  4.  Businessmen from New Zealand can start a company in UK if they apply and obtain an Investor visa, an Innovation visa, or a Start-up visa.

No matter the reasons for New Zealand immigration in UK you might have, we suggest you address your inquiries to one of our immigration solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal assistance. Our specialists can also help you obtain a residence card for UK.

We can also offer support if you want to relocate to UK from another country. If you want to move to UK for the sake of your studies, then London is an appropriate destination for you. London is renowned for offering outstanding educational opportunities. Even though Cambridge and Oxford are not too far away, the city is home to a stunning 43 prestigious universities. London is home to several renowned institutions, including LSE, UCL, and SOAS. London is also home to some of the best grammar, public, and private schools in the UK. This implies that your kids will always have access to the greatest educational options.

When should I apply for a visa for UK?

According to the British immigration authorities and applicable laws, a citizen from New Zealand can apply for a visa 3 months before the travel to UK. It is recommended to apply for a visa and receive it before planning the travel or relocation to UK. Legal assistance for New Zealand immigration to UK can be offered by one of our immigration lawyers in London.

This option is also available if you want to move to the UK, but first want to visit the country.

Tier 1 visa for investors from New Zealand

Businessmen from New Zealand can apply for a Tier 1 visa for investors in UK if they intend to start a company in this country. Satisfying the eligibility criteria is important in this matter, so one of our UK immigration lawyers will provide in-depth legal advice and assistance. In terms of requirements, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age, prove that the money he/she intends to invest in UK is from personal funds or of a family member, and do not have an illicit source. Investments of at least GBP 2 million in government bonds can grant an investor visa for UK. As for the visa timeframe, this document is normally issued in approximately 3 weeks, depending on formalities and other regulations. UK visa for NZ citizens plus the formalities implicated can be discussed with one of our specialists in immigration in UK.

We are at your disposal if you want to apply for residency in UK. Before applying for residency in UK, it is important to note its eligibility criteria. For this matter, you can get in touch with our immigration lawyers. They can guide you in detail. However, in general eligibility for UK permanent resident status is determined by these factors: continuous residence in UK for 5 years; continuous exercise of at least one of the Treaty rights during those 5 years; or family member of a person who has satisfied the aforesaid Treaty rights. 

If you want to immigrate to UK from New Zealand, you can rely on us. In addition, to assist you with relocation, you can get further help from our lawyers. For instance, if you are planning to apply for citizenship in UK, the services of our immigration lawyers are at your disposal. Most people do not know the difference between citizenship and indefinite leave to remain in UK. Although they both allow you to work and live in the UK, still they are different from each other. To learn about this difference, get in touch with our lawyers.

Applying for a spouse visa for UK

The spouse visa is the same thing as the marriage visa, and it is required for persons who want to join the partner in UK from New Zealand. Therefore, citizens from New Zealand who have enough money to sustain the living in UK, intend to live with the partner in UK, and meet the English requirements have lots of chances to obtain a spouse visa for UK. It is important to ask for legal assistance if you are interested in UK visa for NZ citizens, so send your inquiries to our team and ask for immediate legal support. If you want to move to UK from New Zealand, do not hesitate to contact us.

Choosing our immigration lawyers in London

Our dedicated team of immigration solicitors in London has vast experience in a wide range of immigration matters and can help foreigners apply for a proper visa. Our customers can rely on professionalism, efficiency, transparency, and confidence when working with us because we aim for the best possible results. Communication is a priority to us when it comes to visa applicants for UK, so we pay attention to each case in accordance, in order to provide the required legal support and guidance. If you want to immigrate to UK from New Zealand, you can make an appointment, or give us an email with your requests in terms of visas. We will gladly help you achieve the results you want as soon as possible. Here are some facts and figures about immigration and the population of UK:

  1. More than 68 million people live in UK, as mentioned by worldometers.info and the statistics for the beginning of 2021.
  2. Around 35% of the population of London is made of immigrants.
  3. More than 14% of the immigrants in UK come from Poland, followed by Romania with nearly 7.2%.

Interested in UK visa for NZ citizens? Would you like to know more about New Zealand immigration to UK? You are invited to contact our immigration solicitors in London and discuss further legal details on these topics.