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Immigrate to the UK from the Netherlands

Immigrate to the UK from the Netherlands

As a Dutch national, if you want to move to the UK from the Netherlands, you must know that now you cannot enjoy visafree travel to the United Kingdom. Furthermore, because the UK is not part of the European Union anymore, just like non-EU citizens, you are also required to complete the requirements of the immigration process.

You can get in touch with our UK immigration solicitors to obtain complete information regarding the immigration process. As an immigrant, if you want to open a bank account in the UK, our lawyers can also provide you with legal help in this matter. We are at your service if you want to immigrate to UK from this country.

The points-based immigration system in the UK

If you want to relocate to the UK from the Netherlands, you must know the need to acquire a good score on the points-based system of the UK to be eligible for immigration here. This system was introduced when the freedom of movement was ended between the United Kingdom and the European Union. The exception is only available for the Irish citizens who live and work in the UK as part of the Common Travel Area. If you want to move to the UK from the Netherlands, please find below the guide about how the points are awarded:

  • If you get a job offer from a UK-based approved employer for a skilled job, you will get 40 points;
  • If you can speak the English language, you will be given 10 points;
  • You can also gain 10 points for a relevant PhD, or if you are doing PhD in science, engineering, technology, or math, you will be given 20 points;
  • You can obtain 20 points if you get a less-paying job in which the UK has a shortage.

The minimum score required to qualify for immigration to the UK is 70. If you plan to immigrate to the UK from the Netherlands, our lawyers can provide you with legal assistance. In addition, our skilled immigration lawyers in UK can offer you comprehensive guidance concerning the UK’s point-based system and how you can achieve maximum scores.

If you decide to relocate to UK from the Netherlands, you can rely on us. To help you with immigration to UK, our lawyers can guide you through the relocation procedure in detail. Numerous UK visas also offer a path to Indefinite Leave to Remain, a crucial step toward obtaining British citizenship. You may apply for a UK visa online by filling out the necessary application forms. You will also need to provide several supporting papers with your application to show that you are qualified for the visa you are requesting. Our lawyers can also offer you practical help throughout this procedure.

What is the settled status after 5 years of living in UK?

Dutch citizens who have already lived in UK for 5 or even more than 5 years have the opportunity to apply for settlement status. This status guarantees continuity in the UK to Dutch citizens who want to live in this country. All settlement status is the one that guarantees a job in the UK, using public services, and the right to contribute to the pension. And those who have stayed less than 5 years in the UK and who want to continue living in this country can opt for pre-settled status, and then apply for settled status. Our immigration lawyer in UK can offer specialized assistance in this regard. Those who want to relocate to the UK from the Netherlands can contact us at any time.

Indefinite leave to remain for Dutch citizens

Indefinite leave to remain status is the same as permanent residence in UK. Those who have lived in the UK for 5 years, with a work visa, can apply for permanent residence in UK. All the formalities can be explained to you by our immigration specialists.

UK ETA for Dutch citizens

As is known, Dutch citizens do not need to apply for a visa to travel to the UK. Thus, a stay of 6 months in the UK is allowed. However, soon the ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization system will be put into operation, with the help of which registration can be done before arriving in the UK. Thus, the application for ETA will be made in the following cases:

  • tourist purposes,
  • medical treatments,
  • short-term studies,
  • business matters.

However, Dutch citizens who want to relocate to UK for more than 6 months will have to apply for a visa, if the ETA does not allow travel to the UK for other reasons. Here are the documents required when a Dutch citizen registers with UK ETA:

  • Biometric passport for identification,
  • clear criminal record,
  • Active email address to receive documents and responses from the immigration authorities,
  • Credit card for the payment of fees.

It is important to specify in this case that the application to ETA is also mandatory for the minor children you are traveling with. The entire process takes place online, but all legal aspects can be explained to you by one of our UK immigration attorneys.

What is the processing time for Dutch visitors applying for UK ETA?

In principle, Dutch citizens applying for UK ETA should receive an answer to this effect in approximately 3 days. However, it is recommended that the process starts a week before so that it can be covered in case the response from the authorities is delayed. As soon as the request is approved, applicants will receive the travel authorization to UK.

Does the UK offer dual citizenship?

Dutch citizens immigrating to the UK are forced to choose between keeping their Dutch citizenship or protecting their rights in the UK by acquiring UK citizenship. Consequently, the Dutch citizens who choose UK citizenship will automatically lose their Dutch citizenship unless they are:

  • Married to a UK national;
  • Born in the UK.

The Netherlands has introduced Rijkswet Inperking Gevolgen Brexit legislation, which aims to safeguard the rights of Dutch citizens living in the UK by providing them with limited exceptions. If you want to relocate to the UK from the Netherlands, talk with our experts. Our immigration lawyers in UK can provide you with legal help to solve the problems that come up during the immigration process.

Besides this, the services of our lawyers are also at your disposal if you are interested in getting permanent residency in UK. If you hold a spouse or partner visa and want to apply for ILR, you must be married to a British spouse, in a civil partnership, or in a continuing relationship but not married.

Why do people move to the UK?

There are several reasons why people immigrate to the UK from the Netherlands, and the primary reasons include study and work. By the end of June 2022, about 10.8 million foreigners were living in UK, constituting around 14,8% of the country. Please find below the statistics of people who immigrated to the UK in recent years:

  • Around 1.2 million people immigrated to the UK in 2022, while around 557,000 emigrated in the same year.
  • Around 925,000 of the citizens who relocated to the UK in 2022 come from non-EU countries.
  • Approximately 151,000 EU citizens relocated to the UK in 2022.
  • Around 39% of non-EU immigrants who arrived in the UK in 2022 came for studies.

Ask for our legal support

Our UK immigration lawyer can help Dutch citizens apply for visas if this is the case and provide assistance for relocation to the UK. They can also help them apply for the necessary residence visa in UK. We provide complete legal services at affordable prices and a team well-prepared in immigration matters, including getting a UK investor visa.

Furthermore, our lawyers can also help you relocate your company to London. Besides assisting you in relocating from the Netherlands to UK, you can also get in touch with our lawyers if you need any further assistance. For instance, you can check if you are eligible to acquire citizenship in UK or not.

Please do not hesitate to contact our UK immigration lawyers for any legal assistance. For example, if you want to move to the UK from the Netherlands, you can trust the legal services of our experienced lawyers. They will help you with the visa application process, document submission, etc.