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Main Rules Related to Immigration in UK

Main Rules Related to Immigration in UK

Non-EU citizens need to observe the main rules for immigration in UK if they are interested in working and living in this country. There are several types of visas for UK, and foreigners need to choose in accordance with their needs. Dealing with misunderstandings in terms of language and visa requirements might be time-consuming which is why we recommend you ask for legal support from our team of immigration solicitors in London.

How can I apply for a family visa in UK?

A family visa or the family visa of a settled person as it is known in UK is necessary for non-EU citizens interested in joining a partner or his/her family in UK. There are several regulations that need to be observed at the time you wish to apply for a family visa, and the following are the most important, mentioning that our London immigration lawyer can tell you more:

  • persons over 18 years of age can apply for a family visa for UK;
  • you must provide information about the domicile of the family or partner already settled in UK;
  • having knowledge of the English language is a mandatory request, except in the cases you come from Australia, Canada, USA, Jamaica, or Trinidad and Tobago;
  • joining the parents in UK means proving they have sufficient funds to support you.

We are at your disposal with legal help if you want to apply for a family visa for UK and need to understand the requirements imposed by the UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration). Talk to our UK immigration lawyer.

How can I apply for a work permit in UK?

Citizens from outside the EEA (European Economic Areas) or Switzerland who are interested in working in UK need to apply for a work permit in UK. This is an important document that shows the persons are legally working in this country. In this matter, one must consider a series of conditions like proving they applied for a job, they have the necessary qualifications, and a minimum of three years of experience. Please note that a Tier 1 Entrepreneur permit is issued for the business persons who want to open a company in UK for minimum share capital of GBP 50,000.  More in this sense can be offered by our UK immigration lawyer.

Student visa applications in UK

The interest in studying in UK met a significant growth in the past decades and there are many students who want to benefit from top education in this country. Youngsters from non-EU countries will have to apply for a student visa for UK in order to attend the chosen colleges. A student visa is issued for youngsters of at least 16 years of age who need to prove they passed the IELTS test observing the English knowledge and the culture of this country. A proof that you have been accepted to a college in UK is also mandatory at the time of application for a student visa. Our London immigration lawyer can offer the needed support for young people from outside EU countries who are interested in entering UK as students.

Other immigration rules in UK

Obtaining British citizenship is subject to specific conditions among which living for at least 5 years in UK without spending more than 90 days outside its borders. In the cases of persons married to a UK citizen, the application for citizenship can be made after three years of living in UK. In the case of refugees and asylum seekers in UK, the persons involved will have to pass the screening test where an immigration officer talks to them in order to find out if they need asylum or not, if they have been persecuted in the home country. The UK opens its doors to all foreigners looking for a home in this country and who have been persecuted in the countries of origin. Humanitarian protection is granted in UK for persons coming from war countries.

We invite you to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London and find out information about how you can obtain a visa.