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Legal Assistance for Immigration Problems

Legal Assistance for Immigration Problems

Our team of immigration solicitors in London has a wide experience in immigration cases and can offer legal assistance in cases of immigration problems. Dealing with the visa requirements or UK residence card as a foreigner might be subject to different legal aspects for which knowing the legislation in an appropriate manner might represent the key to your inquiries and positive result. We have gathered a few of the immigration matters for which you can solicit legal assistance from our UK immigration lawyer.

Can I receive support for obtaining a work permit in UK?

Yes, we are at your disposal with complete legal support for obtaining a work permit. If you are interested in entering UK for work purposes, it is best to address our team of immigration solicitors in London who can help you obtain a work permit. The requirements vary, depending on whether you are from an EU country or not. Instead of dealing with difficulties regarding the documents that are necessary for a UK work permit, it is recommended to ask for legal supervision. We can properly handle the communication in legal terms with the employer in UK in matters of papers and visa formalities. Plus, if interested in a residence permit in UK, please talk to our UK immigration lawyer. Our expert can also help you with your British citizenship application. Furthermore, if you are planning to apply for an innovator visa in UK, the services of our immigration lawyers are at your disposal. Also note that, if you apply for the innovator visa while living outside the country, you can expect a decision from the Home Office in three weeks. However, applications submitted from within the country, (along with the dependents’ application), which is also doable, may take up to eight weeks.

How can I apply for a marriage visa in UK?

Non-EU citizens who are married to a person from UK must observe the specific rules in this matter, and particularly the ones related to a marriage visa. This is also known as a spouse visa and it is issued with a validity of 3 years with the possibility of renewing it. A marriage visa allows foreigners to have a permanent residence in UK, work part-time and bring the children to the UK. In most cases, this type of visa is granted without any other particular problems if the immigration legislation is respected. It is though suggested to have an idea about the legal aspects when applying for a marriage visa for UK.

Interested in UK residence card or British citizenship? Please talk to our London immigration lawyer.

Other immigration cases for which we can offer legal support in UK

The UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration) office can issue student visas, work permits, residence permits, spouse visas, and permanent residence for particular categories of foreign citizens. All the legal aspects can be explained by our team of immigration solicitors in London and we can handle the following:

  • legal advice for asylum and refugee cases for immigrants in UK;
  • support in the court of law if you are an immigrant with visa problems;
  • legal advice regarding foreign entrepreneurs and business visas issues;
  • legal assistance for illegitimate immigration detention in UK.
  • obtaining a residence permit in UK.
  • becoming a permanent resident in UK.

Our London immigration lawyer can handle the above-mentioned immigration cases and many more. Give us a call for extra information about how to solve the immigration problems in UK.