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Leave to Enter the UK as an Overseas Government Employee

Leave to Enter the UK as an Overseas Government Employee

An indefinite leave to remain in the UK can be granted (on application) to an overseas government employee if that person respects a few important requirements. It is recommended to talk to an immigration solicitor in London and ask for support in this matter. Our UK immigration lawyer can help foreigners apply for UK residence card or for British citizenship. Make sure you know all the legal aspects in this matter.

Requirements to consider

As mentioned above, an applicant interested in leave to enter the UK as an overseas government employee must pay attention to the following general rules that can also be explained by our UK immigration lawyer:

  1.  has spent at least a continuous period of five years in the country,
  2.  is still requested for employment,
  3.  is not inside the UK because of a breach of immigration laws,
  4.  he/she has demonstrated sufficient knowledge about life in the United Kingdom and the English language.

Besides these aspects, the employee must provide all the requested documents as evidence for the reason of absence, an aspect where our London immigration lawyer can help. They can assist foreigners to apply for a residence permit in UK.

The requested documents

One of the requested documents is a letter from the employer which details the period and purpose of the absences (connected to the employment), including annual leave periods. The second requested document is a more personal letter from the applicant, stating the full details of the reason for the absences (with all original supporting documentation – birth/death certificates, medical certificates, etc).

Interested in UK residence card or British citizenship? Please talk to our London immigration lawyer.

Refusal for granting the indefinite leave

There is the possibility for the overseas government employee to be presented with a refusal for indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom. This happens when the Secretary of State is not fully satisfied with all of the requirements to grant the document.

Right of abode

Basically, a leave to remain is an immigration status that is granted to a person who doesn’t hold the right of abode, within the United Kingdom. Also, that person must have lived in the country for a continuous period of at least five years.

In order to qualify (in the UK) as an overseas government employee, he or she must:

  •  have valid entry clearance for the United Kingdom as a worker for a UN organization or other international organization (in which UK is a member),
  •  intend to work full time for the concerning organization,
  •  must have sufficient funds to live inside the country without any help from the public funds,
  •  must not take any other type of employment.

So, if there are any other questions regarding the discussed matter or about residence permit in UK, please talk to our immigration solicitors in London. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for details about British citizenship.