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Leave to Enter the UK as a Private Servant

Leave to Enter the UK as a Private Servant

The private servants in diplomatic households can apply for leave to enter the United Kingdom and respect a few requirements for such a document to be granted. One of our immigration lawyers in London can provide legal advice and support in this matter. Those interested in UK residence card or British citizenship can get in touch with our UK immigration lawyer.

Granting leave for remaining in the UK

An indefinite leave for remaining in a diplomatic household may be granted (on application) to a private servant if he or she follows these conditions:

  •  the private servant must have spent a continuous period of at least five years (lawfully) in the UK in this
  • capacity,
  •  the person is still requested for the job in question, certified by the employer,
  •  he or she demonstrated sufficient knowledge about the life of the UK and of the English language,
  •  the servant in a diplomatic household must provide the required documents, evidencing the reason for absences (if the case),
  •  he/she must not fall for refusal (under the general grounds) and is not in breach of immigration laws within the United Kingdom, except the case of any period of overstaying 28 days or less in the country, which will be disregarded. Our London immigration lawyer can tell you more.

Documentation required

The specified documents include a letter from the current employer in which the purpose and the period of absence connected with the job are detailed, including the periods of annual leave. Also, the serious or compelling reasons for the absence, with all details included, and the entire collection of the original documents in relations to the mentioned motifs for the absence must be included (e.g. medical certificates, birth or death certificates, information regarding the reason that led to the absence from the United Kingdom). Extra details can be offered by our UK immigration lawyer. They can also help foreigners apply for a residence permit in UK or for British citizenship.

In case of refusal

There might be the situation where the indefinite leave to remain in the UK, for a private servant in a diplomatic household, is to be refused and when that happens is because the secretary of state is unsatisfied with the already met requirements, under one or another legal form.

In case there are any other questions regarding a private servant in a diplomatic household, our immigration solicitors in London can offer guidance and help. All of the requirements have to be met, following the correct procedure, all while providing the requested documents. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us if extra details are required. Support for UK residence card is also offered by our London immigration lawyer.