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Leave to Enter the UK as a Delegate of a Foreign Business

Leave to Enter the UK as a Delegate of a Foreign Business

Any non-British individual has the privilege to enter in the UK, according to the UK Immigration Law. A leave to enter is a document that offers permission to enter the UK, even if you are a delegate of a foreign business. Our immigration solicitors in London can provide you with information and legal assistance if you wish to enter the UK as a representative of a foreign business. Plus, if you need details about UK residence card or British citizenship, our UK immigration lawyer can help.

Conditions to obtain a leave to enter in the UK

In order to obtain a leave to enter the UK, a foreign parent-enterprise needs to be listed on market and to have registered headquarters outside the country. Companies with subsidiaries or branches in the UK are not allowed to obtain leave to enter the UK, but on the other hand, the personnel of a legal entity in the country might have the possibility to receive this kind of visa, if the entity manages any business activities. It is good to know that any sole delegate of an overseas business from outside the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland can apply to obtain leave to enter the UK. Other conditions regarding the leave to enter the UK that a representative of a foreign business needs to consider car be explained by our UK immigration lawyer.

  •     they need to have an executive status in the company;
  •     they need to have the proper experience and full power to make decisions;
  •     they must intend to settle the business in the UK.

Our London immigration lawyer can help you provide the needed documents and can explain you the entire process. Information about a residence permit in UK or British citizenship can be offered by our advisors.

What you can do with this type of visa in the UK

As a delegate of a foreign business, you can enter the UK for a preliminary period of three years, and then you can extend your visa for another two years, taking into consideration to apply three months earlier before you intend to travel in the UK. Our  London immigration lawyer recommends you to make healthcare insurance when you prepare the documents for leave to enter the UK as a representative of a foreign business. It is forbidden to bring your family, obtain public funds and work for another company in the UK with this type of visa.

Please feel free to contact our immigration solicitors in London, if you want to obtain leave to enter the UK as a delegate of a foreign business, or UK residence permit.