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Immigrate to UK from Jamaica

Immigrate to UK from Jamaica

Jamaican nationals need a visa to enter UK, and especially the standard visitor visa. In matters of work or study as a Jamaican citizen in UK, there are other requirements to consider and respect, yet, legal advice can be offered by one of our London immigration lawyers with experience in this field if they want to move to UK from Jamaica. We can offer complete immigration-related legal advice, so make sure you get in touch with us first.

How can I apply for a standard visitor visa for UK?

The standard visitor visa is available for citizens from Jamaica who want to enter UK for touristic purposes, specific business activities, medical reasons, or part of academic exchange. One should note that the conditions that come with the standard visitor visa are extremely important, meaning that Jamaican citizens will have to leave UK and not prolong the visit if the visa is no longer valid. Here are other things to know about this type of visa, with the mention that our immigration lawyers in UK can tell you more about Jamaican migration to UK:

  •  You cannot work in UK with this type of visa.
  •  The standard visitor visa for UK does not allow Jamaican citizens to bring family members.
  •  If you come for specific business purposes, proof in this sense is solicited by the British authorities.
  •  In the case of private medical treatment, Jamaican nationals must prove they made the arrangements in this sense and have sufficient money for the entire stay.
  •  If the criminal record is not clear, the authorities can reject the entrance to UK.

All the legal aspects of Jamaican migration to UK should be considered and verified from the start. Our immigration solicitors in London can give in-depth legal advice and support if you want to immigrate to UK from Jamaica. You will want some sort of non-tourist visa if you intend to remain for more than six months. Only after at least two years, and frequently more, are you qualified for a permanent residency permit. There are five tiers of visas available for long-term residence and employment in the UK. If you are planning to move to UK and need guidance about available visa types, get in touch with our immigration lawyers.

Apply for a visa for skilled workers for UK

Jamaican nationals who accepted a job in UK should obtain the Tier 2 visa for skilled workers. This means that Jamaicans can work as elite sportspersons, in a religious community, or even in the public sector if they have been accepted. This kind of visa has a validity of up to 5 years and it can be renewed on request. In matters of requirements, Jamaican citizens who intend to work as skilled workers in UK will have to prove a satisfactory English level, present the certificate of sponsorship and the work contract with a salary of at least GBP 20,800/year. We remind you that if you want to know more about Jamaican migration to UK, you can discuss further details with our immigration solicitors in UK.

We are at the service of Jamaican citizens who want to move to UK from Jamaica applying for permanent residency.  Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK has several advantages, including the fact that it may be extremely useful when dealing with authorities or administrative formalities, as they may no longer ask you to establish that you have a job, adequate resources, health insurance, and so on. After 5 years of continuous residence in UK, one can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. It will provide you with the status of a permanent resident of the United Kingdom.

Investing in UK as a Jamaican businessman

Jamaican entrepreneurs who want to make investments in UK should apply for a Tier 1 investor visa and consider the eligibility criteria. Among these, investments of at least GBP 2 million are required for obtaining the Tier 1 visa for investors. A bank account with your funds in UK is solicited, mentioning that you need to provide information about the source of money. The British authorities have the right to make their verifications and see if the Jamaican applicants have a clear criminal record or not. Otherwise, the visa rejection is possible without any further discussions. We suggest Jamaican citizens get in touch with our London immigration lawyer and see how they can be helped from a legal point of view, in order to obtain the proper type of visa. We will also provide details, as needed, for those who are interested in the process of becoming a permanent resident by investment in UK.

We are at your service if you want to relocate to UK from Jamaica.

Choosing our solicitors for immigration matters

Regardless of your country of origin, it is best to have a clear picture of immigration to the UK, especially after Brexit. Some regulations changed entirely whole others not, therefore, legal support is mandatory. This is where our immigration solicitors in London can give a piece of advice and complete legal guidance in matters of visas, residence permits, work permits, citizenship, and more. We put a great accent on communication, professionalism, and experience, in order to provide the best results for our clients. If you believe it is time to relocate to UK from Jamaica, you can be assisted from a legal point of view by our specialists. Here are some interesting facts and figures about immigration and the population of UK that you might find useful:

  •  Nearly 68 million people live in UK, according to worldometers.info.
  •  Almost 9.5 million foreign-born people live in UK, as stated by statistics for 2019.
  •  Approximately 35% of the total population of London is made of immigrants.
  •  India, Poland, and Pakistan represent most of the immigrants in UK.

Interested in more details about how to immigrate to UK from Jamaica? Feel free to contact our immigration lawyers in UK and find out all the legal aspects for obtaining the proper type of visa. Besides this, our lawyers can also assist you if you are interested to apply for citizenship in UK. If you have applied for citizenship, you will need a permit to stay in the UK until your citizenship application is approved. Your permission should be valid until your citizenship ceremony. If you have indefinite leave to remain (ILR) status in the UK, you do not require any other permission to stay. Consult with our attorneys to learn more.