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Immigrate to UK from Ireland

Immigrate to UK from Ireland

Irish citizens do not need a visa to enter, visit, work and live in UK. According to the Common Travel Area (CTA) agreement signed by UK and Ireland, citizens of both countries can freely travel, without any restrictions in this matter. Below you can find information about Irish immigration to UK, mentioning that you can benefit from complete support offered by our London immigration lawyers for all legal matters, if you want to move to UK from Ireland.

Short details about CTA

The Common Travel Area or CTA as it is known is an important agreement signed by UK and the Crown Dependencies with Ireland. The arrangement mentions that both British and Irish citizens can freely move within these countries and work, study, and live without any visas or other restrictions. Accessing health services and social welfare benefits is one of the main advantages stipulated in detail by the CTA. It is important to note that UK and Ireland signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2019 to strengthen the existing CTA and highlight the rights and privileges to each citizen, whether British or Irish. Here are other provisions of the CTA:

  •  There is no permission imposed to enter UK as an Irish citizen.
  •  Any form of employment and residence permit is permitted to citizens who want to immigrate to UK from Ireland.
  •  If an Irish citizen holds an international travel ban or a deportation order, the British authorities will make a series of verifications before granting permission to enter UK.
  •  In the case of non-British or non-Irish family members, they will have to apply for a family visa to enter UK.

The CTA agreement is recognized at an international level and it is important to both countries. If you are interested in Irish immigration to England, please get in touch with one of our immigration lawyers in UK who can tell you more about the CTA arrangement. You can get in touch with no matter where you are from but wan to move to UK.

Can I work in UK as an Irish citizen?

Yes, as mentioned above, there is no interdiction in terms of work or job offers in UK for Irish citizens. Therefore, there is no need for a work permit as non-EU and EU citizens require. The professional qualifications of Irish citizens are recognized in UK, so it is quite simple to work in UK, considering the advantages. Plus, Irish citizens are subject to the same duties in matters of social security scheme and taxes, in order to benefit from the same rights, according to the CTA. If you would like to know more about Irish immigration to UK, do not hesitate to discuss further details with one of our London immigration lawyers. We are at your disposal to help you properly immigrate from Ireland to UK and offer complete information about Irish immigration to England.

If you are planning to relocate to UK, you can rely on us. You can be questioned about your reasons for traveling to the UK and your return plans if your stay is shorter than six months. Alternatively, you could be required to provide evidence of your eligibility if you are seeking residence or a longer-term visa. Such proof might include a documented job or academic placement offer, as well as documentation of your legal presence in the UK for a predetermined amount of time. Learn more from our immigration lawyers if you are planning to immigrate to UK.

Retiring to UK from Ireland

Irish citizens who want to relocate to UK by retirement will have to announce the authorities about this intention. This is an important step for social security reasons which is available in one country only. Furthermore, Irish nationals can claim the State Pension in UK if they paid sufficient National Insurance contributions, in order to qualify. The retirement process comes with relocation to UK, a matter where legal assistance and guidance can be offered by our immigration lawyers in London.

How to relocate the company from Ireland to UK

The company relocation is a straightforward process that can be completely handled by one of our specialists. First of all, company owners will have to de-register the firm in Ireland, in order to legally incorporate it in UK. A specific declaration stating the relocation intention is necessary for this process. Nevertheless, if you believe you are ready to bring your business from Ireland to UK, you can rely on the complete legal support offered by our London immigration lawyers. We work in complete professionalism, transparency, and proficiency to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We can discuss more about how to immigrate to UK from Ireland. Also, we present to you a few facts and figures about the immigration and population of UK:

  •  According to worldometers.info, the website that monitors all the countries, nearly 68 million citizens are living in UK.
  • UK represents almost 0.9% of the total population of the world.
  •  London hosts the largest number of immigrations, representing nearly 35% of the total.
  •  14.5% of the total population in UK is represented by Polish citizens.

Interested in Irish immigration to UK? Feel free to give us a call and ask for complete legal advice. If you want to move to UK from Ireland, our lawyers are at your disposal. Furthermore, if you need further legal services in any matter, you can get in touch with our lawyers. If you need help with UK citizenship application, you should know that there are some instances in which you are not required to apply for citizenship. You already have the right to live and work in the UK if you have settled or pre-settled status. This status is awarded under the EU Settlement Scheme.