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International Graduates Scheme (IGS)

International Graduates Scheme (IGS)

The International Graduates Scheme (IGS) is an option for non-European Economic Area students of advanced education institutes within the UK to remain in the state for one year after graduation and obtain appreciated work experience. Less obstructive than earlier student immigration methods, the International Graduates Scheme is available for students of any discipline. Our UK immigration lawyer can provide you with proper education and information if you want to apply for International Graduates Scheme in the UK.

Important details about International Graduates Scheme

If the former student demands to stay in the UK after one year, he needs to switch over to another immigration category, such as the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP). The purpose is to inspire graduates to take up a profession in the UK by giving them an intermediate option into another immigration class. Our London immigration lawyer can offer assistance.

Who can be nominated for IGS

For a student to effectively come under the International Graduates Scheme, he has to:

  •     finish a relevant course at an accepted institution of higher learning within the UK, such as a bachelor’s degree, Ph.D., Master’s degree, or postgraduate certificate or diploma, counting those who have concluded a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education);
  •     finish the module within the last 12 months. This is considered from the date of expiry of leave as a student to finalize the course;
  •     propose to work during the period of one year decided by the structure;
  •     be able to accommodate and support himself and any dependent relative, without asking for public funds;
  •    intend to leave the country after the period of one year, except if he relocates to another scheme like the highly skilled migrant, business owner, innovator, or student;
  •    get approval before applying for IGS, if their education is supported by a government or international studentship organization. Our London immigration lawyer can offer support.

Anyone coming under the International Graduates Scheme can have any kind of work they wish. If unmarried partners, spouses, civil partners, and children are already in the UK during the applicants’ visit as a student, they can change their status along with the applicant and stay in the country. Entry clearance is mandatory if the dependants are applying from overseas. Our immigration solicitors in London can tell you more.

Please feel free to contact our immigration solicitors in London, if you need extra information and assistance for the “International Graduates Scheme”.