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Immigration Solicitors in Ilford

Immigration Solicitors in Ilford

Our immigration solicitors in Ilford are here to offer complete legal advice and guidance to those who want to immigrate to UK. A part of the immigration rules will change due to Brexit or the exit of UK from the European Union, therefore, it is required to ask for legal support. A UK residence card and British citizenship can be obtained with our legal support and guidance.

How can an immigration solicitor in Ilford help you?

Instead of dealing with misunderstandings in matters of visas, it is recommended to have the support and advice of our immigration solicitors in London. They can assist you throughout the entire visa or citizenship process and provide the proper solutions for your case. Here is how we can help:

  • We can help you with the documents for obtaining the visa you need to enter UK.
  • We can explain the eligibility criteria for each type of visa.
  • You can solicit our help if you want to submit the documents to the Immigration Office in UK.
  • You can be represented by one of our immigration solicitors in Ilford in case of visa rejections.

Obtaining British citizenship requires maximum attention in matters of documents and application. You can rely on our support and get in touch with our UK immigration lawyer if you need guidance and legal advice. Our London immigration lawyer can also help you obtain a residence permit in UK.

Types of visas for UK

Interested in a particular type of visa for UK? Feel free to address your inquiries to one of our immigration solicitors in Ilford and ask for guidance if you need:

  1. Student visa for UK – if you have a sponsor, excellent English knowledge, enough funds to pay for the courses, and live in UK you can be eligible for this visa.
  2. Work visa – you need to apply for a specific visa if interested in domestic work, entrepreneurship, temporary work, sports activities, diplomatic activities, and more.
  3. Start-up visa for UK – for young entrepreneurs who want to do business here.
  4. Family visa – for foreigners who want to join the family members in UK.

There are other types of visas for UK, depending on the purpose and length of stay, yet you can discuss with our London immigration lawyer and find out all the details. Besides that, you need a UK residence card.

Support for permanent residence in UK

If you have already lived in UK for at least 5 years you can apply to become a permanent resident in UK, or the indefinite leave to remain status. In this case, foreigners can obtain different jobs in UK and can have access to public funds. Please feel free to discuss with one of our immigration solicitors in Ilford and discuss further details.

Support for obtaining British citizenship

Already having permanent residence in UK for at least 3 years? You can apply for British citizenship and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Naturalization in UK can be obtained if you pass the citizenship test, but for more details, you can discuss it with our UK immigration lawyer.

Legal advice in case of visa rejections

Many people decide on acting on their own for obtaining the needed visa for UK. Unfortunately, there are cases in which the process is not correctly handled and overseen, which is why the British authorities can reject the visa application. Incomplete documents or misunderstood eligibility criteria are among the reasons why a visa application can be rejected. If you do not want to deal with such difficulties, it is recommended to ask for the support of an immigration solicitor in Ilford who can guide you throughout the entire visa application process. Plus, new immigration rules will apply starting with 2021, so it is suggested to have a clear picture before any application.

Choosing our immigration solicitors in Ilford

Our team of immigration solicitors in Ilford has experience in a wide range of visa and immigration matters and clients can rely on professionalism, confidence, and transparency right from the start. We kindly recommend you discuss all the visa matters and residence permits in UK with one of our specialists and find out how we can help you throughout the process of visa application. Also, we can assist foreigners to obtain British citizenship and handle all the formalities in a professional manner. Here are some facts and figures about population and immigration in UK:

  1. There have been around 2.6 million visa applications registered in UK during March 2019 and March 2020, among which, 2.3 million were granted.
  2. Around 68 million is the population of UK, according to worldometers.info.
  3. UK represents around 0.87% of the world’s population.
  4. More than 83% of the UK population is urban.

Interested in the immigration services offered by our team of immigration solicitors in London? Please feel free to contact us for more details about the legal support we can offer.