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Immigrate to UK from South Africa

Immigrate to UK from South Africa

South African citizens need a visa and a valid passport to enter UK. However, the UK immigration authorities have the power to restrict the entry of South Africans if they do not comply with the entire regulations. If you move to UK from South Africa, we suggest you get in touch with one of our UK immigration lawyers and ask for assistance and legal advice.

Entry requirements for South Africans

A single UK visa is needed for citizens from South Africa to enter UK in legal terms. The type of visa will depend on the purpose of the visit or stay. Here are a few visa examples you need to consider if you want to immigrate to UK from South Africa:

  1.  Temporary work visas are valid for less than 6 months. A work contract is required.
  2.  A skilled work visa allows you to stay in UK for more than just 6 months.
  3.  A study visa is required for South Africans who attend courses in UK and it has a validity of more than 6 months.
  4.  A family visa is needed for South African citizens who want to join family members.
  5.  A marriage visitor visa is needed for getting married or entering a civil partnership in UK.

Applying for a visa if you want to relocate to UK from South Africa means respecting a few important conditions like proving you have enough money for the entire stay, a valid passport, a letter of acceptance issued by the British college, or the sponsorship contract if you accepted a job in this country. The entire immigration requirements can be discussed with one of our immigration solicitors in London. You always have alternatives when you hire an immigration lawyer. A smart lawyer will always set out all of your alternatives in front of you and do their best to help you comprehend your options while also understanding your situation. Individuals who receive a visa frequently do not adhere to the country’s laws and are occasionally deported. A qualified immigration lawyer can assist you in understanding these requirements so that you do not have any problems in the future. So, if you are interested in relocation to UK, the services of our immigration lawyers are at your disposal.

Do I need a tuberculosis test if I want to move to UK from South Africa?

Yes, the UK authorities solicit the tuberculosis test before entering UK. This is an important condition for South African citizens who intend to stay longer than 6 months in the United Kingdom. The tuberculosis test involves a chest X-ray and a sputum sample if the radiography is not clear. We would like to add that the tuberculosis test needs to be taken during the visa application for UK. Please bear in mind that the UK authorities are strict regarding the specific tests and immigration verifications, so make sure you benefit from complete legal advice from our London immigration lawyer when you decide to relocate to UK from South Africa.

Ancestry visas for South Africans

South Africans having a UK heritage can be eligible for an ancestry visa. This kind of visa can be obtained by South African citizens who prove their grandparents were born in UK, Ireland, Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands. The application for an ancestry visa for UK is available for South African citizens of 17 years or older who intend to work and live in UK. Plus, they need to prove they have sufficient funds to live in UK. One should note that Indefinite Leave to remain status can be obtained after living 5 years in UK without interruptions. Please feel free to talk to our immigration lawyer if you want to know more about the ancestry visa if you want to move to the UK from South Africa.

Relocating the business to UK from South Africa

Entrepreneurs from South Africa can easily relocate their companies to UK, concerning a few important steps in this direction. The relocation process of a South African company starts with the de-registration of the firm, based on a declaration stating the process. Such declaration is normally signed by the business owners, the managers, and the administrators of the firm. The entire process to relocate from South Africa to UK can be overseen by one of our UK immigration lawyers with experience in this field.

Our law firm can guide applicants interested in obtaining residency by investment in UK. There is a wide range of different residency permits available for persons with varied occupations, family structures, nations, ancestries, and other traits. You should consider the many options accessible within the UK immigration system for applicants from all over the world if you wish to relocate to the United Kingdom temporarily or permanently. So, if you want to explore your options regarding UK residency, you can get in touch with our lawyers.

Why immigrate to UK

Many reasons stand at the base of immigrating to UK. Most immigrants who decide to take this step are looking for better living conditions, proper education and healthcare systems, and many possibilities in the work field. Plus, there are many opportunities for South African citizens who want to study in UK and attend prestigious colleges. The history, the culture, and the ease of integrating into communities are other important considerations attentively measured by foreigners interested in immigrating to UK. Here are some facts and figures about the population and immigration in UK:

  1.  According to worldometers.info, more than 68 million people are living in UK.
  2.  Around 316,000 non-EU citizens immigrated to UK during March 2019 and March 2020.
  3.  UK represents around 0.87% of the world’s total population.

Do you want to immigrate to UK from South Africa? We invite you to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London and ask for legal assistance. We are at your disposal if you want to know more about immigration rules after Brexit.