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Immigrate to UK from Indonesia

Immigrate to UK from Indonesia

UK has introduced some new visas to help you immigrate to UK from Indonesia with a wider perspective. Get in touch with our lawyers in UK if you need any help in immigration. Their efficient services can help you to move to UK from Indonesia without hassle. 

Immigrate to UK on newly introduced visas 

The UK government is modifying immigration laws further as part of a larger strategy to make UK a global innovation center in the foreseeable future, fully recover from the Covid-19 crisis, and support the economy after Brexit. The modifications include some recently introduced visas. The proposed adjustments will make it simpler and faster for UK firms to access talent from around the world and will also assist skilled overseas workers in realizing their ambition of relocating to the UK. So, if you plan to move to UK from Indonesia on any of the newly introduced visas, you can get help from our immigration lawyers in UK. You can also find below general information about these visas:

Scale up worker visa

To entice the best talent from around the world to the UK, the government has recently introduced a new scale-up worker visa. The scale-up visa enables foreign citizens to go to the UK and work for at least six months in a qualifying position for a rapidly expanding UK company. Holders of a scale-up visa may then continue in their position or request a visa extension. Additionally, they are allowed to change to an unsponsored position after six months in their sponsored position, which is not permitted with a skilled worker visa.

Similar to the skilled worker visa, candidates must meet certain requirements, such as skill level, English language proficiency, and financial requirements. Children and partners who are dependents are also welcome. A scale-up worker can request an extension (as an unsponsored scale-up worker) beyond the original two-year visa period and be approved for an additional three years at a time. A worker who meets the requirements may apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK after five years of continuous qualified residence. If this visa type seems interesting to you and you are willing to relocate to UK from Indonesia on this scale-up visa, you can get the help of lawyers. Our UK lawyers can provide you with practical assistance in this regard.

Global business mobility visa

 As an Indonesian company if you are looking to establish a presence in the UK or relocate employees there for particular business purposes, a new category of sponsored routes called global business mobility has been created. The global business mobility pathways are not intended to lead straight to settling in the UK; rather, they are meant for companies and employees performing temporary business assignments in the UK. However, those with global business mobility visas may be able to change to another immigration path that does result in the settlement once they are in the UK. There are five global business mobility paths, each of which corresponds to a certain category of temporary assignment. If you need any assistance with this visa, you can get help from our lawyers. They can explain the whole process to you, and you will be able to relocate to UK from Indonesia without facing unnecessary issues. Besides helping you in relocating from Indonesia to UK, you can also avail further legal assistance from our lawyers. The most common path to British citizenship is naturalization. In most cases, if you have lawfully lived in the UK for at least six years, including one year of Indefinite Leave to Remain status, you will be eligible for citizenship. To learn more about UK citizenship by naturalization, get in touch with our lawyers. 

High-potential individual visa

Recent graduates of prestigious international universities who wish to work or look for work in the UK after completing an appropriate program of study that is comparable to a UK bachelor’s degree level or higher are eligible for the UK high-potential individual visa. The study must be conducted in a university that is on the Global Universities List. The UK high-potential individual visa is special because, although being a points-based route, you can apply for it without a sponsor.

Other visas in UK

Besides these new visas, UK also has a list of other regular visas on which you can immigrate to UK from Indonesia. For instance:

  • Standard visitor visa;
  • Work visa;
  • Investor visa;
  • Study visa;
  • Child custody visa;
  • Family visa.

Our immigration lawyers can provide you with details about the procedures and requirements of these visas. With the assistance of our expert lawyers, you will be able to immigrate to UK from Indonesia on the visa of your choice. So, it is advised to get in touch with our lawyers for their detailed assistance. Furthermore, if you want to apply for UK residency by investment, you can get the details about investment options from our lawyers. There are several other routes to getting residency in UK. In the United Kingdom, permanent residency is known as Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). You have the right to live, work, and study in the UK permanently, free of immigration restrictions or time limits. There are various ways to get ILR status and residency, including sponsored work or marriage to a British citizen.

Processing time for a UK visa

If you want to immigrate to UK from Indonesia, you must know that the processing time for visas varies. Sometimes you can get a visa in no time on the other hand, it can take longer than expected. So, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers if you want to avoid any unnecessary delays. However:

  • The processing time can take up to 12 weeks if the visa application is made from outside the UK;
  • The processing of applications submitted from the UK may take up to 8 weeks.

Contact our lawyers in UK for their immigration services. They can help you to immigrate to UK from Indonesia.

Besides this, our lawyers can also offer help if you need any assistance regarding your UK citizenship application. They can help you to immigrate to UK from Indonesia. Furthermore, from anywhere in the world if you are planning immigration to UK, you can also consult our lawyers. They can guide you through the whole procedure of relocation. After relocation to the United Kingdom, you can enjoy various advantages. For instance; all immigrants and expatriates who intend to move to the UK have access to the finest medical standards. With the support of the National Health Service, they have free access to this. The price of all pharmaceuticals is subsidized and is significantly lower than in other countries.