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Immigrate to UK from India

Immigrate to UK from India

Indian citizens who want to travel to UK must pay attention to the visa and entry requirements imposed. The standard visitor visa for UK is needed, so it is suggested to benefit from legal advice and services from our team of immigration solicitors in London. There are no difficulties in obtaining a visa for UK as a citizen from India, but assistance is needed. Feel free to solicit legal assistance if you want to move to UK from India.

Can Indian citizens travel to UK without a visa?

The standard visitor visa must be obtained before entering UK as a citizen from India. The visa application process takes around 14 days and if all the documents are correctly submitted, the entry permission is granted. It is important to note that there is no visa on arrival for Indian citizens who travel to UK. The entire visa application process can be explained and managed by our London immigration lawyers, so make sure you send your requests to our team of advisors. If you would like to know more about how to immigrate to UK from India, feel free to discuss all the aspects with our specialists.

Documents required for a standard visitor visa for UK

Support for preparing the visa documents can be offered by our immigration solicitors in UK, so that applicants can be sure the process will be smooth and simple, without considering any possible rejections. Here is what you need to know about the required visa documents for UK:

  •  The passport must be valid for at least 6 months prior the UK visa application.
  •  The visa application form is required with personal information and other details.
  •  The British authorities might ask for flight return tickets and information about the accommodation in UK.
  •  A travel insurance for UK visa application is needed.

Normally, the standard visitor visa is granted in approximately 2 weeks, but it is recommended to apply in time and get an extra one week for all the formalities. Our London immigration solicitors can tell you more about the standard visitor visa if you want to move to UK from India.

Applying for a work permit in UK

Citizens from India need to observe the work regulations in UK and apply for a permit when accepting a job in the country. Normally, the company that hires foreigners commence the visa and work permit formalities because the work contract is part of the application. With full-time experience in the chosen field, a degree qualification and a diploma are among the requirements for work permits in UK. Those who want to relocate to UK from India can discuss the legal aspects of work permits with our UK immigration lawyers.

We can also guide those who meet the requirements for obtaining UK residency. Please contact our lawyers if you require assistance with obtaining UK citizenship. Individual circumstances such as ancestry, place of birth, and the nationality of your partner determine the appropriate route for you in obtaining British citizenship. If you have previously renounced your British citizenship, you may be able to reclaim it in the future. To learn details about its procedure, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers. 

How to relocate to UK from India

The relocation process of Indians in UK is relatively straightforward as long as the visa and work permit requirements are understood and respected. Babysitters, medical assistance, chauffeurs, domestic workers, charity workers from India can easily relocate to UK from India if they accepted jobs in the country. The following steps are part of the relocation to UK:

  •  Apply for the proper type of visa and work permit.
  •  Look for accommodation in UK and even hire a real estate agent to take care of the formalities in this sense.
  •  Pay attention to the closing formalities in the home country, such as utility bills, bank accounts, etc.
  •  Register with the British authorities once the visa and work permit are issued.

Immigrating to UK from India? Feel free to talk to one of our immigration solicitors in UK and see the procedures involved in relocation. We are also able to assist those who are interested in knowing details about obtaining British citizenship.

If you want to move to UK from India, you can rely on us. Before January 2021, foreign nationals wishing to settle in the UK could apply for a biometric residence card. This is not now and no new applications will be taken into consideration. Instead, a visa is necessary for every foreign national who wants to reside in the UK. Getting a visa to reside here frequently depends on getting a job. A points-based residency visa program is available in the UK intending to attract more highly qualified professionals to the country. To learn more about immigration to UK, consult with our attorneys.

Indians in UK – Short facts about immigration

Indians make the majority of immigrants in UK, many of them coming for work and family-related matters. Most Indian citizens live in London, yet many are established in cities like Leicester, Birmingham, or Wolverhampton. In comparison, there are more Indians in London than in European countries like Germany, France, Italy, or the Netherlands. Here are other interesting facts about immigrants in UK, according to the Office for National Statistics:

  1.  More than 20,000 foreigners received asylum and humanitarian protection in UK during March 2019 and March 2020.
  2.  Nearly 48% of the EU citizens who immigrated to UK in 2019 came for work purposes in the country.
  3.  Around 49% of non-EU citizens in UK came for family matters, in 2019.
  4.  India ranked first among the top 10 countries who relocated to UK in the same year.

Would you like legal assistance for immigrating to UK from India? Please discover our legal services and contact our team of immigration lawyers in London.