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Immigrate to UK from Germany 

Immigrate to UK from Germany 

People apply for visas to move to UK from Germany for a variety of purposes, including to work, study, do business, join family members, visit as a tourist, transit through the nation, get private medical care, seek refuge, and settle permanently in the UK. A UK visa is a document that permits you to relocate to UK from Germany. Whether you are visiting the nation temporarily or permanently, your visa will be an important element of your immigration process. German citizens do not require a visa to visit the United Kingdom. Without a visa, you can stay in the UK for up to 6 months. If you have a criminal record or have been denied entrance to the UK before, you may need to apply for a visa. 

So, if you have a plan to move to UK from Germany, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers in UK. Our skilled immigration lawyers will provide you with detailed legal assistance about relocation. Furthermore, if you want to obtain residence in UK, you can also interact with our skilled lawyers. We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to UK.

Point-Based System (PBS) in UK

The United Kingdom’s Point-Based System (PBS) acts as a substitute for the former system, which was far more complex and difficult to cover, as visas are a way of restricting immigration to the United Kingdom from outside the nation. The PBS system ranks visa applicants depending on how many points they may earn by fulfilling visa criteria. Each visa requirement includes a set of points, and the candidate must get a certain number of points to earn the visa.

If you have questions about the UK’s Point-Based System, you can ask our lawyers without any hesitation. They will answer all your related questions and also provide you with information on how you can achieve maximum points to move to UK from Germany.

UK visas and residence permits

UK offers several kinds of visas and permits. So, you are free to select any suitable type for you to move to UK from Germany. Here is a general list of visa types and residents permits given below:

  • Refugee visa;
  • Transit visa;
  • Family visa;
  • Tourist visa;
  • Student visa;
  • Business visa;
  • Indefinite leave to remain;
  • EEA residence permit etc.

If you want to immigrate to UK from Germany from any of the above-categorized visa types, you are welcome to get in touch with skilled immigration lawyers at our law firm in UK. You can also find a general elaboration below on some kinds of visas available in UK.

Furthermore, you can also interact with our lawyers if you want to obtain residency by investment in UK. Our lawyers will not only provide you with detailed guidance about moving to England from Germany but they will also help you to get residency in this country. Once you relocate to UK from German with the legal assistance of our immigration lawyers, you can also avail of further services. For instance, if you are interested to learn about the advantages that UK citizenship offers, our lawyers can offer you comprehensive information. You should also know that if you were born in the United Kingdom after January 1, 1983, you may be recognized as a British national. Or you may also be eligible if you were born in another country to at least one British citizen.

Visa for family

A family visa allows you to visit relatives in the United Kingdom. This visa is for persons who have family members working and residing in the United Kingdom and wish to join them as their dependents for more than six months. Husband or wife (spouse), partner, fiancé, fiancée, or intended civil partner, children, parents, and other family members are examples of dependents. As a family member, if you want to relocate to Germany from UK, you can get in touch with our skilled immigration lawyers. The UK is renowned for its events, arts, and culture. Enjoy some of the main athletic events that are taking place in Manchester, Liverpool, and Edinburgh. In the United Kingdom, transportation services are simple. The biggest benefit is how easily you can reach all of Europe from here. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you can get in touch with our lawyers. They can guide you about immigration to UK. After relocation to this country, if you are further interested to acquire permanent residence in UK, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. But you need to fulfill certain requirements. If English is not your first language and you do not qualify for any of the exemptions, you must produce proof that you have at least a B1 level of English language understanding to apply for ILR. This condition is normally met by having a degree-level qualification taught in English or possessing an educational qualification from a recognized UK institution.

Visas for tourists and visitors

The UK is a popular tourist destination for short or extended stays. Visitor visas to the United Kingdom are provided for short stays, tourism trips, and other similar purposes. A tourist visa for more than 6 months is rarely granted by UK authorities. With this sort of visa, like with many others, foreign citizens are unable to work in the United Kingdom. Short business travels are handled similarly. If you want to move to UK from Germany based on this visa, you can rely on the legal knowledge of our skilled lawyers. Our immigration attorneys in UK will provide you with detailed assistance in relocation. In addition to this, if you want to apply for UK citizenship, our lawyers can also help you out in this matter and also will offer you information about how to immigrate to UK.

UK visa success rate

According to official statistics for 2019:

  • 3,620,891 Entry Clearance Applications from outside the UK were submitted;
  • 3,628,404 judgments were made in 2019;
  • 3,179,235 visas were granted.

Contact our law firm if you are thinking about moving to England from Germany. Our immigration lawyers can provide you with detailed information and practical legal help in the relocation process.

Furthermore, if you are planning to relocate to UK from US, you can get in touch with our immigration lawyers for their help in the relocation process. We can help you immigrate to UK in the shortest time possible.