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Immigrate to UK from China

Immigrate to UK from China

Chinese citizens need to apply for a standard visitor visa to enter UK. In the case of applicants who have a British citizen partner, there won’t be required to have a visa. There are different requirements for obtaining a residence and work permit, so you can discuss all the legal terms with our immigration lawyers in London who can help you move to UK from China.

What you need to know about the standard visitor visa for UK

The standard visitor visa is issued for specific business operations, short course studies, tourism purposes, or medical reasons. However, it cannot be used if you want to relocate to UK from China.

Here is what you can do or not with a standard visitor visa:

  1.  Chinese citizens cannot accept jobs with this kind of visa.
  2. There is no possibility of claiming public funds in UK as a Chinese national with a standard visa.
  3. One cannot stay in UK for more than 6 months with the standard visitor visa.
  4. In the case of marriage with a British citizen, one must apply for a specific visa in this sense, instead of a standard visitor visa.
  5. In the case of medical treatments or academic purposes, such a visa can be issued for no more than one year.

Legal support is needed for visa applications in UK. If you would like to know more about how to immigrate to UK from China, feel free to discuss all the legal matters with our London immigration lawyers.

Documents for visas for UK

It is important to know that a visa for UK requires attention in terms of documents. Some applicants might discover that their visa applications have been rejected due to incomplete paperwork and formalities. You can ask our immigration lawyer in London and find out the requirements for a UK visa application. We present you a few details about the needed documents in this sense:

  1. The Chinese passport must be valid for the entire stay in UK.
  2. Information about the duration of stay in UK, accommodation, and personal finances are solicited.
  3. The British authorities can ask for a criminal record and also make some verifications in this sense.
  4. Information about your travel history might also be solicited.

These are a few of the requirements that must be respected for visa application as a Chinese citizen. More about how to move to UK from China can be discussed with our immigration lawyers in London.

We are at your service if you want to apply for British citizenship.

Applying for a work permit in UK

A skilled work visa is issued if the Home Office accepts the application of the employer. Chinese citizens who want to work in UK will have to present a “Certificate of Sponsorship” issued by the employer, as part of the work permit application. There are other eligibility criteria to consider for a skilled work permit in UK:

  1.  One must provide the qualifications for the accepted job in UK.
  2.  Chinese nationals must provide information about English knowledge at the time of work permit application for UK.
  3. A healthcare insurance is needed for a skilled worker in UK.
  4. Information about personal savings is needed.
  5. The immigration authorities in UK will solicit details about accommodation during the stay and about family members if they are part of the application.

Legal assistance and support for a work visa application can be offered by one of our immigration solicitors in London, no matter if you want to apply from China or UK. We have a dedicated team of specialists in immigration matters in UK.

If you want to immigrate to UK from China, you can contact our lawyers for more information. UK immigration rate has constantly been increasing. Because this country has appealing opportunities to offer. Due to the high rate of visa applications, many applications face rejections on minor inconsistencies. So, you are suggested to get legal help from relocation specialists. Our immigration lawyers in UK can guide you in detail about the visa application and a precise list of documents that should be submitted. 

Start-up visa for Chinese citizens in UK

Entrepreneurs from China can apply for a start-up visa if they want to develop a business in this country. This kind of visa addresses mostly graduates who need to present an innovative business idea, a satisfactory level of English knowledge, information about personal funds, and a Ph.D. degree among other requirements. The entire visa process can be attentively managed by our team of immigration lawyers in London, so feel free to discuss further details with our specialists. We can tell you more about how to relocate to UK from China.

Our team can provide you with more details on the process to become a permanent resident in UK through the investment route. If you are not an investor, you can still apply for residency in UK. To keep your UK permanent residency, you must spend no more than two years outside the nation while keeping links to it and considering it your home. The right to permanent residency can also be revoked at any moment for reasons of public safety, public health, or public policy. To learn more, get help from our lawyers.

Working with our immigration experts in UK

Chinese nationals are advised to solicit legal support for visa applications and skip the possible rejections. A positive outcome depends on the assistance offered in this matter, which is why our team of experts can professionally manage each case. We are here to provide legal advice and guidance from the start, in order for our clients to benefit from excellent legal services in matters of immigration.

We present you some facts and figures about immigration and population in UK:

  • The latest statistics show that more than 400,000 Chinese citizens were living in UK in 2018.
  • More than 68 million people are living in UK, according to worldometer.info.
  • UK represents around 1% of the total world population.

Interested in more details about how to immigrate to UK from China? You can contact our immigration lawyers in London and solicit complete legal assistance.