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Immigrate to UK from Brazil

Immigrate to UK from Brazil

The authorization form that grants Brazilian national permission to enter the UK’s territory and remain there temporarily or permanently is known as a UK visa. As a Brazilian citizen, if you want to immigrate to UK from Brazil, you are welcome to get in touch with our specialists. Our UK immigration lawyers can offer you comprehensive assistance regarding relocation matters.

Types of UK visas for Brazilian citizens

The intention to apply for a UK visa can be motivated by a variety of factors. As a result, the UK has a well-structured visa system based on the various visitor types and their intended purposes. If you want to move to UK from Brazil, you can seek general information available below, whereas, for detailed guidelines, you can consult with our UK immigration lawyers. The various visa categories for the UK are as follows:

  • for tourists;
  • for a family;
  • for settlement;
  • for transit purposes;
  • for work, business, and study.

If you want to relocate to UK from Brazil on any of the visas mentioned above, you can get in touch with our UK immigration lawyers. They can assist you throughout the relocation procedure and also explain to you the suitable visas as per your circumstances.

Indefinite leave to remain in UK for Brazilian citizens

After moving to the United Kingdom from Brazil, our lawyers can further help you to apply for residency. They will guide you on how you can apply for residency and the application submission steps. The UK settlement permit, also known as indefinite leave to remain, is for people who have lived in the UK for a considerable amount of time on a temporary visa and are now hoping to be granted a permanent one. The visa is available to those Brazilian nationals who have lived abroad for at least two years and wish to return. For the majority of these visas, the applicant must have lived in the UK for at least five years. Our immigration lawyers in UK can help you apply for residency. Their legal services can increase the chances of your application’s acceptance.

How long does it take to get a UK visa?

A UK visa could take three weeks to be processed. Currently, the processing period for a UK visa varies based on the application type. Additionally, the type of visa you are seeking, the nation from which you are applying, your unique circumstances, and the volume of applications the UK consulate or visa processing center is currently receiving, all these factors also affect visa processing.

However, you might be able to submit your application using the “priority service” or even the “super-priority service” depending on the type of visa you request. By paying an extra £500 fee, you can use the “priority service” to receive a response to your application within five working days. While the “super priority service,” which costs £800 in addition to the visa price, gives you a decision by the end of the following working day.

If you want to immigrate to UK from Brazil, our attorneys can guide you on how long your visa application is going to take. With their legal assistance, you will be able to know when to expect a response for your visa application.

Besides helping you to relocate to UK from Brazil, our lawyers can further assist you to apply for citizenship. There is a set of requirements that you need to fulfill before applying for UK citizenship. Seeking legal assistance while submitting a citizenship application can reduce the chances of cancellation of your application.

Emigration from Brazil

According to a study conducted by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), the search for better employment remains the main factor driving Brazilians to leave their country. Additionally, a lot of people have relocated in the previous several years to live near their families or relatives. According to the Ministry of External Relations, Brazilian people living abroad are to be found in more than 190 countries. United States, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Spain, and other countries are their main destinations for them. Please find below the number of Brazilians living in other countries:

  • 1,066,500 Brazilians live in the United States;
  • The population of Brazilian nationals in Japan is 210,000;
  • About 140,400 Brazilians moved to Portugal;
  • The number of Brazilians in the United Kingdom is 118,000.

These statistics show that Brazilians are open to the option of emigration. So, if you, as a Brazilian national, plan a relocation, you can contact our lawyers. Our immigration lawyers can help you immigrate to the United Kingdom from Brazil.  Numerous advantages are available to everyone employed full-time in the United Kingdom. Every employee is entitled to a minimum of twenty days of annual leave each year. Parental and sick leave policies are also fair here. These are some government perks for immigration to UK that you may take advantage of whenever it is best for you. For more details about the benefits of relocation to this country, you can get help from our lawyers.

Furthermore, if you are seeking information regarding how to obtain UK residency by investment, our lawyers can also give you detailed information in this regard.  The Tier 1 (Investment) Visa is the United Kingdom’s counterpart of the Golden Visa, in that it grants residency to persons who make significant contributions to the British economy. However, the minimum qualifying investment for a Tier 1 visa is high, beginning at £2 million, and keep in mind that real estate investment, like purchasing a house does not qualify. Unless you are an expert in UK legislation and financial problems, you will need legal assistance to settle your investment and get a UK residency. In this matter, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. After immigrating to UK from Brazil, if you are interested to learn in detail about the potential routes of getting citizenship in UK, our lawyers can assist you. As a UK citizen, you can enter and exit the country freely and enjoy the status that such citizenship provides. Citizenship is rarely revoked; therefore, obtaining British citizenship will provide you and your family with security.