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Immigrate to UK from Argentina

Immigrate to UK from Argentina

Argentine citizens do not need a visa to enter UK for business or tourism purposes. The relocation from Argentina to UK can be a process supervised by one of our UK immigration lawyers. We recommend specialized help in matters of documents and other procedures, and in the following lines, you can find information about this topic.

Available UK visas for Argentinians

Even if citizens from Argentina are allowed to enter the UK without the need for a visa, things change when it comes to accepting a job or university courses. Thus, Argentines must apply for a work visa or study visa for UK.
On the other hand, to simplify the process of immigration to UK from Argentina, the British authorities will introduce ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization. You can find out more about how to relocate to UK from Argentina by contacting our specialists. Our UK immigration lawyers are here to guide you in this process.

What does ETA mean and how can Argentine citizens register?

Electronic Travel Authorization is an online system with which foreigners can be registered before entering the UK. Many countries are connected to the ETA system, but here are some details in this regard, so you know how to apply and how to register as an Argentinian citizen looking to immigrate to UK:

  • The process is very simple. You must first of all have a valid email address.
  • The passport data is requested, which you must enter in the system.
  • You must provide information about the travel itinerary for UK.
  • Once the fee is paid, you will receive confirmation by email that you have been registered in the ETA system, and therefore, you can travel to the UK from Argentina.

Normally, you can receive an answer within a maximum of 72 hours from the date of application, if all the documents and the application itself have been accepted. But to ensure that you comply with the conditions imposed by the ETA, we advise you to contact one of our immigration lawyers in UK.

Work visa requirements for Argentinians

If you applied for a job in the UK and were accepted, the next step is to obtain a work permit. In this case, the employing company can collaborate with the immigration authorities in the UK, in order to draw up the necessary documents. Here, our immigration lawyer in UK can simplify communication and facilitate the process of obtaining a work permit for UK. One should prepare:

  • Valid passport,
  • Work contract or proof of sponsorship,
  • Proof of domicile in UK,
  • Also, in this direction, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit in UK, with specialized help provided by one of our immigration experts.

Apply for a student visa in the UK as a citizen of Argentina

Argentinians who want to immigrate to UK for study purposes must apply for the visa requested in this regard. As for the eligibility criteria, here is some information:

  • You must prove that you have been accepted to the course in UK. These must be established for at least 6 months.
  • You must have enough resources to support yourself during college or provide proof of sponsorship.
  • You must know the English language.
  • You must relocate to UK about a month before the start of the courses if they last more than 6 months.
  • Children who are 12 years old can come accompanied by their parents, and therefore, apply for the necessary visa for relocation.

Immigration to UK from Argentina can be a relatively simple process, but it is important to ask for expert advice. We strongly recommend the services offered by our UK immigration lawyers, so don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you want.