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How You Can Find a Job as an Immigrant in UK

How You Can Find a Job as an Immigrant in UK

The United Kingdom has the 3rd biggest economy in Europe and a low rate of unemployment. There are many EU and non-EU citizens who successfully applied for jobs in the UK in construction, engineering, health, or education and who legally work and live in the country. It is good to know that you can receive information and guidance from our immigration solicitors in London about the proper visas to enter the UK, a residence permit in UK, and a work permit that can grant the right as an immigrant to work in the country.

Apply for a job in London

London is one of the most appreciated cities in the world, with many job opportunities for local and foreign citizens in different domains of interest. Skilled migrants can easily fit in certain positions, which are usually offered for overseas workforce if the locals cannot fulfill the requirements. IT, public administration, health, education, creative industries, tourism or real estate are the main sectors migrants all over the world can find suitable jobs, if they accomplish the mandatory conditions, like having a degree and English knowledge. People interested to see how their English skills are can apply for IELTS, the international English language testing scheme, which counts more when searching for a proper job in London or anywhere in the UK. The government in the country offers full support for those who want to settle in the UK and there are many official websites where you can find out the available job positions according to your studies, qualifications, and experience.

Besides London, you can analyze the labor market in Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Plymouth, Dublin, Southampton, or Brighton. If you are interested in relocating and working in the UK, it is recommended to verify if you need a visa or any other important documents. Our UK immigration lawyer can help you in this matter and can offer assistance when preparing the immigration forms. Support for obtaining the UK residence card or British citizenship can be provided by our London immigration lawyer.

Recruitment agencies in the UK

People will always search for a better job, and this is why recruitment agencies were created. Such organizations are hired by the big companies to find the perfect candidates for different work positions. You can search for verified and authorized websites where you can upload your Curriculum Vitae, in the European format. The recruitment agencies in the UK are dealing with thousands of resumes and candidates from which they will choose according to the instructions of each enterprise with openings. It is recommended to verify once again your CV before uploading it on the internet and to be as honest as possible.

If you would like to obtain a residence permit in UK or British citizenship, please talk to our London immigration lawyer and ask for support.

Important domains to choose from as an immigrant in the UK 

The Tier 2 visa for skilled workers is necessary for non-EU citizens who obtained a work contract, and it is available for 5 years and 14 days, with the possibility to extend it if the work contract is also extended. There are many positions where the immigrants can easily fill in if they have previous experience in domains like:

  1.    IT;
  2.    technical industry;
  3.    science;
  4.    public administration;
  5.    finance;
  6.    digital services;
  7.    tourism;
  8.    consultancy.

It is true, there are many candidates for a single position in a certain company, but if your resume relates to its requirements, you can be suitable for the job and remunerated in accordance with the approved salary scheme. As a recommendation, if you obtained the wanted job in the UK, you should apply in time for a visa (our UK immigration lawyer can help) and you should start looking for a place to stay, with the help of a real estate agent and internet pages you consider are trustworthy.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London, if you need more details and information about how to find a job as an immigrant in the UK. Our specialists can help you obtain a UK residence card too.