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How to Pay Taxes in UK

How to Pay Taxes in UK

Citizens from abroad who decide to relocate to the UK need to understand and to respect the conditions and the rules regarding the taxes that need to be paid. It is good to know that if you have a work contract in the country, the employer will compensate for particular taxes which we are going to mention in this article. Our immigration solicitors in London are here to guide you through the entire visa process if you wish to enter the UK. Besides that, you can also receive details about the taxes enforced for all citizens who legally live and work in the country, plus information about UK residence card or British citizenship from our UK immigration lawyer.

Paying the National Insurance contributions in the UK

The National Insurance in the UK comes with numerous benefits for all citizens, locals or from abroad. Such payments will contribute to the state pensions in the country. If you are an immigrant from EU (European Union) or non-EU country and develop activities as a self-employed, you need to register with the authorities, in order to receive the insurance number.  The same goes for individuals who are employees in the UK but with the difference that the company is in charge of paying such taxes if stipulated in the work contract. The employment status in the UK will influence the type of category you enter in, according to the incomes you receive.

We remind you that if you pay the national insurance in another EEA (European Economic Area), but you live in the UK, you will be exempt from paying the National Insurance. Additional information and details about the social security contributions can be obtained from our UK immigration lawyer. The same team can help you obtain a residence permit in UK or British citizenship.

Other taxes in the UK 

The salaries, the pension, the bonuses, and the saving interests in the UK are levied according to the rules and legislation in the country regarding the taxation system. A resident in the UK will need to pay taxes if he owns properties or receives incomes on rented houses. It is good to know that citizens from countries that signed double tax treaties with the UK and the ones sent for temporary work in the country are exempt from particular taxes on income. Tax refunds can be claimed if you have planned to work in the UK for only a few months, or if you consider you have paid too much taxes. More details in this sense can be offered by our London immigration lawyer.

You can receive complete information and details about the visas you need to properly enter the UK, and residence permit in UK from our team of immigration solicitors in London, if you contact us. You can rely on the support of our London immigration lawyer.