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How to Obtain a Driving License in UK

How to Obtain a Driving License in UK

People from EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) who decide to relocate to the UK need to know that they can use their existing license to drive in the country. The same goes for the citizens from Liechtenstein, Norway, and Iceland who can also use the home country documents. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer complete assistance if you want to establish with your family in the country and you need certain visas, UK residence cards, or even British citizenship. You may also ask our UK immigration lawyer for details about the residence and work permits necessary for a legal stay in the UK.

Non-GB driving license in the UK

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in the UK is in charge of issuing any type of driving license, for locals or for citizens from abroad who have British residency.  The necessary documents to apply for a non-GB license are the following:

  •     a copy of your identity card;
  •     a copy of the driving license from your home country;
  •     a valid passport;
  •     proof of your residence in the UK</strong> ;
  •     the application form found at the DVLA office.

One should know that our UK immigration lawyer is ready to offer assistance and comprehensive information when submitting the documents to the DVLA in the UK. Also, our specialists can help you obtain a residence permit in UK or British citizenship.

Legal responsibilities for drivers in the UK

Once you have obtained the driving license as an immigrant outside EU and EEA, you need to register your vehicle with the DVLA, pay the taxes and solicit insurance for your car. If you have changed your domicile address or you got married, you need to change this personal information and obtain a new driving license in the UK. We remind that citizens who drive larger vehicles must obtain a different type of permit, according to the rules and regulations of the DVLA which can also collaborate with the authorities and search a person’s criminal record. For possible traffic control, a citizen needs to provide the officer with a valid driving license, insurance, and identity card.

Please feel free to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London for further questions about this matter or about how to obtain a UK residence card. Complete legal support can be offered by our London immigration lawyer.