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How to Immigrate to UK from US

How to Immigrate to UK from US
The UK Border Agency is in charge of the rules regarding the entrance in the UK with the proper visas, no matter the countries individuals come from, including the US. American citizens who wish to visit the UK as tourists or business persons can apply for a UK visa. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer proper guidance and legal assistance if you are from the US and you need a UK visa. You can rely on the support of our UK immigration lawyer.

UK tourist visa for a US citizen

This type of visa is available for six months and the US citizen needs to show the intention of visiting the UK for no more than this period. It is necessary to offer a bank statement that proves the possibility of self-supporting, without asking for public funds. Besides having a valid passport, there are no other special requests. Talk to our UK immigration lawyer for legal advice.

UK business visa for a US citizen

US entrepreneurs who wish to visit the UK for business purposes can apply for a business visitor visa. In order to receive this type of visa, it is recommended to ask for help and guidance from our London immigration lawyer. Take into consideration the following conditions:
  •     the US citizen must not replace another person in the UK for a temporary period;
  •     the US citizen must not be involved in offering services or selling goods in the UK;
  •     the US citizen must not visit the UK for an internship or for work;
  •     the US citizen needs to receive the payment from abroad. If there are travel expenses involved, it can be received in the UK.

UK residence permits for US citizens

A US citizen can obtain a residence permit if is already staying in the UK for more than five years. This type of document will demonstrate the legal rights of every citizen in the UK, and it is not deliberated by the British Consulate.  Our London immigration lawyer can tell you more and represent you.

US citizen, who wishes to get married in the UK, needs to have at least 18 years old and must give notification within 6 months about the marriage or the civil partnership if involved. The Immigration Regulations 2008 provisions stipulate details about the identity cards for US citizens who wish to apply for an extension of their visa, no matter if they are staying in the UK as students, permanent residents or family members.

In order to receive additional information about how to immigrate to the UK from America, you are invited to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London.