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How to Immigrate From Non-EU Countries to UK

How to Immigrate From Non-EU Countries to UK

About 300,000 non-EU immigrants live in the UK, according to the statistics for 2016. Most of them are here to work or to study and try to benefit from the country’s proper conditions. For a legal entrance to the UK, a valid passport and an entry visa are necessary before any movement. Our immigration solicitors in London are here to inform and help you when applying for a  UK visa as a non-EU citizen. Legal advice is offered by our London immigration lawyer, no matter the problem or question you might have. If you want to move to UK, you can rely on our lawyers.

UK visa for Non-EU citizens

From the start, we remind that non-EU family members do not need a visa to enter the UK and can travel to any Schengen area country without any particular permit if they have a UK citizen already settled in the country. If you need a travel visa for the UK, it is advisable to have a valid passport, a return ticket, and official documents from your bank which provide information about your financial situation, in order to stay and live in the UK. Non-EU citizens married to a UK person can apply for a marriage visa if they want to establish in the country. The application form, the passport, and any other important documents can be submitted at the consulate or embassy in the home country. The entire process can be explained by our UK immigration lawyer, who can also offer suitable assistance related to any type of visa. If you decide to relocate to UK, you can obtain information from our specialists.

A non-EU citizen who wishes to become a permanent resident in UK can reach out to our specialists for details about the conditions and the process.

UK family visa for non-EU citizens

This type of visa allows legal entry to the UK for non-EU and non-EEA citizens to join the already settled partner in the country. In order to receive the UK family visa you should prove you have a settled accommodation in the UK, you intend to live with your partner, you are 18 years old, you hold a valid passport and you have suitable English knowledge. There are citizens from different countries who need to take the tuberculosis test after preparing the needed documents. Our immigration lawyer can explain all the details related to immigrating to UK.

A non-EU citizen engaged with a British person needs to demonstrate the intention of marriage or to form a civil partnership which requires another type of UK visa that cannot allow him to work or study in the country, however, under which one can relocate to UK.

Please feel free to contact our team or immigration solicitors in London for additional details about how to immigrate from non-EU countries to the UK. Legal advice can be offered by our London immigration lawyer from the start.