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How to Get Used to Living in UK

How to Get Used to Living in UK

Living in the UK may seem like a dream come true for numerous foreign citizens in search of a better home and life. The UK is for sure a suitable option for studies and work, but how can you adapt to their way of living and what things should you consider when deciding to move here? Our immigration solicitors in London can offer complete and suitable information about the types of visas you need to enter the UK as a non-EU (European Union) and non-EEA citizen (European Economic Area). Our UK immigration lawyer can offer support for obtaining a UK residence card or British citizenship.

Migrants in the UK

The UK is a constitutional monarchy with plenty of interesting history and culture, which is why it is recommended to have a strong sense of identity when speaking of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The migration in the UK starts in early times and puts a serious imprint on the Kingdoms’ culture and way of living. The influence of the former colonies like Pakistan or India besides many other ethnic groups made the UK the country it is nowadays.

Living in the UK means having full rights if the citizens are registered, have residence and work permits. The legal forms of living in the UK have always been important to the authorities who are trying to control the immigration level in the country. If you are a stateless person and make proof of that, you can remain in the UK. The open arms of the British people and the politeness are the main characteristics that make foreign citizens consider it is time to relocate in the UK, besides suitable job opportunities for each skilled migrant. You can discuss all these aspects with our UK immigration lawyer who can also help you apply for a residence permit in UK.

Why choose the UK as your new home?

The UK offers full access for all skilled migrants who want to make a career in the country. There are many job opportunities in the healthcare system, education, IT, engineering, manufacturing, public services, or construction. Numerous people with high diplomas choose the UK for further educational programmes or scientific research while working in the same area and being remunerated according to their studies. Such opportunities may not be encountered in the home country, a strong reason why citizens from abroad choose the UK as a new home. We remind that our London immigration lawyer can offer details about the work permits, residence permit in UK, asylum application, or visas to enter the UK.

How to build relationships in the UK

The British are recognized for their politeness and pragmatism combined with formal and sometimes cold communication. But once the relationship starts to get roots, the people from the UK will adopt a familiar approach in all sorts of conversations. But it is good to know that they like to make business with people they know or have collaborations with their associates, a matter of trust that cannot be gained that easily at the beginning. Although the British are direct, as part of their way of communication, they are also modest and sometimes reserved.

Etiquette in the UK

A box of chocolate, flowers and some wine can be the proper gifts when meeting a British for the first time. It is good to know that the handshake is still a suitable way of greeting someone, but consider avoiding a long eye-contact. As for business etiquette, it is recommended to use courtesy, to exchange business cards, to pay attention to the entire conversation, and to maintain proper eye-contact while having a business meeting.

People from around the world get used to the British style or way of living quite fast, without forgetting their beliefs. Living in the UK might be an interesting experience for all foreign citizens who consider this country as a proper home. As for the pretentious weather in the UK, people also get used to it. More in this sense can be offered by our London immigration lawyer.

Please feel free to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London for details about the types of visas you need to enter the UK. Information about UK residence card and British citizenship can be provided.