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How a Non-EU Citizen Can Move in UK

How a Non-EU Citizen Can Move in UK

People outside the European Union (EU) can choose to work, study or live in the UK if they have suitable documents and visas. There are certain rules to consider before making any move but with the help of our immigration solicitors in London, you can easily relocate to the UK, as a non-EU citizen, obtain UK residence card or British citizenship. The UK has always been a friendly country that welcomed immigrants from around the world for whom it offered suitable conditions to work and to live.

Apply for the proper visa to enter the UK

As a non-EU citizen, you can apply for a UK visa at the consulate or embassy in your home country. Most UK visas are available for six months, with the possibility to extend it and to apply for a resident permit in the country. Besides that, if you think to move to the UK, you should consider applying for a work permit to legally perform activities in the country. It is good to know that numerous companies in the UK can take care of such important aspects if a work contract is settled and signed.

To apply for a visa in the UK, you need to have a valid passport, medical insurance, bank statements to provide you have enough money to support yourself during the stay in the UK. Our UK immigration lawyer recommends to any non-EU citizen to apply in time for a visa because there are necessary about 15 days for the immigration office to deal with such important documents.

Further details in this matter and about how to obtain a residence permit in UK, please address to our UK immigration lawyer.

What you need to know before immigrating to the UK

If you are about to relocate to the UK you should open a bank account, in order to receive your salary and to properly make transactions. The banks in the UK usually ask for a valid passport, details about your residence in the country, and a letter from the company you work for. Regarding the way you can rent a house in the UK,  it is recommended to solicit the help of a real estate agent who can provide you with information about the available apartments and the prices. Most people in the UK choose to rent a studio or an apartment instead of buying one. Talk to our London immigration lawyer for details.

Public transportation is definitely recommended, but you can also choose to rent a car if you have a driver’s license, which you can use for 12 months. The non-EU citizen will then need to apply for a provisional GB license and to pass the driving test. We are at your service if you want to immigrate to UK from any non-EU state.

Make sure to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London for additional information about how to move to the UK as a non-EU citizen. If you need details about our immigration services. Information about UK residence card and British citizenship, please talk to our London immigration lawyer.