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How a EU-Citizen Can Move to UK

How a EU-Citizen Can Move to UK

Citizens from EU countries will have to align with the new immigration rules imposed after Brexit. For the moment, EU citizens can enter UK without a visa, for touristic purposes, yet, new conditions need to be observed for residence permits in UK, work permits, and student visas. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer assistance and guidance if you are interested in relocating to UK, obtain UK residence card or British citizenship.

What you need to know before moving to the UK as a EU citizen

The UK has always opened doors for all citizens worldwide who wanted to start a new life in the country, to study, to make a business, or to work in important industries. European Union citizens from Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria or Italy are free to travel and to relocate to the UK without a particular visa. The labor market is still attractive and you can find important jobs in IT, the automotive industry, financial services, manufacturing, construction or can be part of different interesting projects in the big cities. More in this matter can be offered by our UK immigration lawyer.

Before making any movement, you should look for a real estate agency in order to rent a suitable house and live in. As a recommendation, people in the UK prefer to rent properties instead of buying them, being a more convenient method. You can find special condominiums for about ¬£400-550, or even more if special features are related.  A real estate agent might ask you to prove you have a job contract and an available address in your home country.

The next step is to open a bank account (helped by our UK immigration lawyer) in order to receive your income in the UK. Details in this matter and also guidance can be received from your employer or sponsor in the UK, before signing the work contract. You will also receive details about the personal taxes you need to pay in the country. Most foreign and local companies in the UK offer health insurance for all employees, but it is not mandatory. The emergency aid is free for everyone in need.

If there are children involved, it is good to know that the educational system is free in state schools, the authorities, and the government supporting the financial matters. Dealing with a massive wave of immigration since 1997, the UK developed special schools for emigrants where everybody is welcomed and where children will receive access to all aspects related to education and personal development. The London immigration lawyer can offer details and can explain all the aspects related to immigration in the country, including a residence permit in UK or British citizenship.

Why immigrate to the UK from EU?

Highly skilled immigrants can obtain excellent and well-paid jobs in the UK, in different domains. The medical system in the country seeks highly experienced doctors and nurses, and the payment will correlate with the qualifications. A high diploma and special certificates are necessary before applying for any job in the UK. Young people can choose to study in the prestigious colleges in the UK. Cambridge College, Sheffield University, London School, Nottingham University are top choices for numerous students from EU. Extra details in this matter can be offered by our London immigration lawyer.

In conclusion, EU citizens who want to move to the UK should have a strong idea about the type of jobs they want to accept, about the city they want to live in, about the necessary minimum budget, and about the studies and programmes they wish to attend to in the country.

You are invited to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London if you want extra details about how to immigrate to UK as an EU citizen. Support for obtaining a residence permit in UK is offered.