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Immigrate to UK from Hong Kong

Immigrate to UK from Hong Kong

Hong Kong passport holders do not need a visa for tourism purposes in UK, if the visit does not exceed 6 months. Otherwise, for study, work, and business purposes, applicants from Hong Kong must apply for specific visas. The legal formalities can be completely managed by one of our immigration lawyers in London, so if you want to move to UK from Hong Kong, you are invited to talk to us.

Short facts about British National Overseas (BNO)

The BNO passport has been introduced in 1985 when Hong Kong was controlled by UK. This important document allowed Hong Kongers to enter UK without restrictions, However, the rules referring to this document remained the same after Hong Kong gained autonomy in 1997, but with a few restrictions in matters of visits.

Once Brexit entered into force from January 2021, BNO citizens or BNO passport holders can work and live in UK with a specific type of visa that should not exceed 5 years. Then, citizens from Hong Kong can apply for indefinite leave to remain and British citizenship. We present you a few types of work visas available in UK:

  •  Skilled worker visa for citizens accepting different jobs according to their qualifications.
  •  Temporary work visa for Hong Kong citizens who want to relocate to UK with short employment contracts.
  •  Global talent visa for jobs accepted in fields like culture, arts, IT, and more.
  •  Domestic work visas for Hong Kong citizens and jobs in private households.

In the case of investors from Hong Kong, there is a specific type of visa required, for which a certain amount of investments is needed. All you need to know about visas for UK and about how to immigrate to UK from Hong Kong can be discussed with our London immigration solicitors.

How to apply for an Investor Visa for UK

Businessmen from Hong Kong who want to start investing in UK are required to apply for an Investor visa and observe a few important conditions involved. For instance, such a visa is issued if investments of at least GBP 2 million are made in UK. One must provide in-depth information about the source of money, while the authorities make specific verifications in this direction. Moreover, the application for this kind of visa must take place within 3 months prior to the arrival in UK, as this is an important part of the eligibility criteria.

There are also advantages linked to an Investor visa for UK. For instance, the application can also comprise the family members. Moreover, such a visa is valid for 3 years with the possibility of extension for another 2 years. If you believe this is the right type of visa for you, as a citizen from Hong Kong, we suggest you address one of our UK immigration solicitors and request comprehensive legal advice. More about how to relocate to UK from Hong Kong can be found by getting in touch with us.

This type of visa can also be used to obtain British citizenship. Please keep in mind that the number of immigrants who entered the United Kingdom in 2015 was 8,543,120, about 12.34% more from 2010. The number of immigrants to the UK in 2010 was 7,604,583, a 28.32% increase from 2005. And this number is increasing every year. If you think you can compete in such a dense atmosphere, you can get in touch with our lawyers. They can help you with the procedure of immigration to UK

Is company relocation from Hong Kong to UK possible?

Hong Kong immigration also refers to company relocation if they move to UK. Consequently, business owners in Hong Kong interested in activities in UK should observe the rules for company relocation that normally start with the de-registration and notification of the local authorities. A declaration stating the relocation of the company to UK must be signed by business owners, directors, and administrators.

Then, the registration of the company in UK can commence, following specific regulations referring to documents and movable properties and assets. This is another procedure that can be legally managed by one of our specialists in immigration in UK. Please feel free to discuss with us further details about how to immigrate to UK from Hong Kong.

Why move from Hong Kong to UK

Most reasons of those who want to immigrate to UK from Hong Kong relate to the multiple business opportunities and also great standards of living. Education, medicine and public services are well developed in UK and highly appreciated at an international level, so, relocating to UK is for sure a great decision. We would like to highlight some interesting facts and figures about Hong Kong citizens in UK, as presented by bbc.com:

  1. According to the British government and latest statistics, more than 5.4 million residents from Hong Kong are expected to relocate to UK for the next period.
  2. Around 187,000 Hong Kong citizens with ages ranging from 18 to 23 have at least one parent with a BNO status.
  3. Nearly 7,000 Hong Kong nationals settled in UK, according to numbers for July 2020.

More about how to move to UK from Hong Kong can be discussed with our specialists in the field. Complete legal advice and guidance can be offered on request, so feel free to contact our immigration solicitors in London at any time. Furthermore, our lawyers can also offer you comprehensive information as well as practical assistance if you are looking for expert legal help. With the help of our lawyers, you will be able to get residency in UK with less hassle. Our lawyers will explain to you the documents you need to submit and how to comply with the set of requirements.