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General Rules for Foreign Students in UK

General Rules for Foreign Students in UK

As a general rule, a person who wants to apply for a student visa, to study within the United Kingdom, can do so if he or she is at least sixteen years of age or more. Besides this fact, the person also needs to follow different rules that can be explained by one of our immigration solicitors in London. Assistance for UK residence card and British citizenship can be offered on request by our UK immigration lawyer right away.

Rules for foreign students in UK

As mentioned earlier, foreigners who want to study in UK must pay attention to a few important regulations:

  1.  Understand, read, write and speak English,
  2.  Have a place on a course,
  3.  Have enough money in order to support himself/herself and pay for the course that is taking,
  4.  Not be from EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland,
  5.  Meet all of the other eligibility requirements.

All the requirements can be explained by our UK immigration lawyer who can also help foreigners apply for a residence permit in UK or for British citizenship.

Applied fees for a student visa

For the student visa, a person can apply three months before the day on which the course starts. A decision will usually be received within three weeks, depending on the country of origin. Regarding the fees, the requested amount to pay for the visa is £328 (from outside of the United Kingdom) and, for any dependents, the future student must pay the same amount for each one of them. Besides these taxes, the healthcare surcharge must also be paid, as part of his or her application. Interested in UK residence card? Feel free to talk to our London immigration lawyer.

Time of arrival in the UK

Our London immigration lawyer will inform the foreign student about the conditions through which he or she is allowed to arrive in the country before the start of the courses and there are two possibilities:

  •  he/she can arrive one week before if the entire course lasts six months or less,
  •  he/she can come to the UK one month before if the duration of the course is larger than six months. A residence permit in UK is needed.

Work opportunities for a foreign student

The citizen coming to the United Kingdom for taking courses can work as a student union sabbatical officer, can apply for the visa from inside and outside of the UK, is able to apply for an extension of his or her stay, and can also work in most of the available jobs, but it depends on what level the course is and the type of the sponsor the person has. The future student is not allowed to receive any public funds during the stay in the United Kingdom. Also, the foreign citizen is not permitted to work in a few certain jobs, as a professional sportsperson or coach, and can’t take any courses at a local authority-funded school or at an academy. When a foreign future student receives a study visa, he or she is able to bring other family members in the country, as dependents.

If there are any other questions regarding the subject, do not hesitate to call us. Our immigration solicitors in London are always here to help. Make sure you ask for complete legal advice and talk to our London immigration lawyer.